Headmaster icon

Headmaster: "You're ready for more dragon riding lessons! Talk to Snotlout. You'll find him near the Fireball Frenzy entrance at the Training Grounds"

1- Meet Snotlout by Fireball Frenzy

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "Be prepared to be impressed, [Your Viking's Name]! Welcome to Fireball Frenzy!
Gobber and Hiccup made this obstacle course, but no one is better than me. Go in and I'll give you some pointers!"

2- Enter Fireball Frenzy

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "Not bad, not bad at all.
You can come back and play Fireball Frenzy whenever you want. Right now, go back to the Headmaster."

3- Return to the Headmaster

Headmaster icon

Headmaster: "Snotlout tells me you did really well in Fireball Frenzy! That's good news."

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