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Hiccup: "Uh oh... The wind is picking up. I think there's a blizzard coming. We need to find shelter quickly! Can you gather some large branches? We can build a lean-to shelter out of those."

1- Gather 3 large branches

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Hiccup: "Great work.

Thanks! Can you bring the branches back to me?"

2- Give the branches to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Perfect. Okay, I'll start building the shelter.

Can you and [Your Dragon's Name] chop down 3 wood logs for a fire? We're in for some nasty weather..."

3- Chop 3 wood logs from the trees

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Hiccup: "That should be enough.

Bring the wood back to me, [Your Viking's Name]. And, er... we might need to rethink our plan a bit..."

4- Give the wood logs to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "I'm no architect, but something tells me this lean-to isn't going to offer us much protection from the blizzard...

Okay, new plan! Let's think... Oh! I remember Fishlegs telling me something about how arctic explorers sometimes build dome-shaped shelters made of blocks of snow. They're called igloos. I've never built one before, but we have to try. We're running out of time. The blizzard is coming.

We need blocks of hard-packed snow. The dense snow will provide insulation by trapping our body heat inside the igloo and blocking out the cold wind. Find the right type of snow, tap on them, and start making blocks! I'll do the same. Hurry!"

5- Chop snow into 12 blocks

Item Ice Block

Ice Block

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Hiccup: "That's great!

Bring the blocks over here and I'll start building."

6- Give the ice blocks to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "You're doing amazing!

I'll get to work building the igloo. We should catch a couple fish before the blizzard hits. Who knows how long we'll have to hide inside our shelter? Find a fishing hole close by if you can."

7- Go to the nearest fishing hole

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Hiccup: "That looks like a good spot.

Catch 1 Arctic Char and bring it back to me. We need enough to tide us over until the blizzard dies down."

8- Catch 1 Arctic Char and give it to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Thanks for the fish, [Your Viking's Name]! What do you think of the igloo? It's not too shabby if you ask me. I even made a small fire inside the igloo to cook the fish and keep us warm. The warmth of the fire will melt the snow a bit, but when the snow refreezes, it actually strengthens the walls!

Don't worry about the smoke, I poked some ventilation holes in the roof. The holes will let out the smoke and let in fresh air so we can breathe.

We're all set. Let's head inside the igloo before we freeze!"

9- Enter the igloo

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!: "Three hours later. The blizzard seems to have died down."

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Hiccup: "What a nasty blizzard! I'm glad it's over."