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Hiccup: "I know you're really busy, but I need to take you away from your lessons. The loom that we use to teach cloth weaving broke.

We can't hold class until we fix it! I'll need your help to get the parts together. I need wood for the frame. Can you go to the Wilderness and collect six logs?"

1- Collect six logs in the Wilderness (0/6)

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Hiccup: "That's great! Those logs look study and strong.

Take these wood pieces to Phlegma; she does woodworking as a hobby. She can make a frame from those logs."

2- Take the wood to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "What a fun project! Give me some time and I can make a frame for you."

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Hiccup: "While Phlegma works on the frame, we'll need to find a bundle of lengthwise yarn called a Warp. I think I saw some near the greenhouse. Go find it now."

3- Find the yarn behind the greenhouse

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Phlegma: "Whew! I wasn't sure it would still be there."

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Hiccup: "The Warp will not stay down on its own and needs to be weighted. We need to tie something to the bottom.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut were throwing things at each other earlier that looked like weights. Talk to Tuffnut by his house in Berk and get two weights from him."

4- Talk to Tuffnut by his house in Berk

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Tuffnut: "Hiccup said what? I need these weights to play 'rock to the face'. I love 'rock to the face'! Fine, I guess I can find more rocks elsewhere.

You have to take Ruffnut's weights too. She can't enjoy hers if I can't enjoy mine."

5- Talk to Ruffnut by her house in Berk

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Ruffnut: "They need my weights for the loom? Okay, you can have them. Tuffnut didn't want to give up his weights? What a goof."

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Phlegma: "Hello, student! I just completed the loom frame. Please come see me to get it."

6- Get the frame from Phlegma

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Phlegma: "That was a dozy, but it was fun!"

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Hiccup: "This loom is going to be better than the original. Please bring all those parts to me!"

7- Take the loom parts to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Great job! Gobber can put it together so you can get back to some fun lessons."