Loki's Maze was first introduced in October 16, 2015 as "Loki's Maze of Mayhem".

Loki's Maze is a gigantic cavern filled with 4 mini-games for the player to overcome to reach the reward and Tuff and Ruff's Trade (which are 3 Surprise Chests of all the 3 different kinds). At first, it was a small mini-game that the developers added, however, it later became a thing. Loki's Maze will be on Berk at an exclusive amount of time until the developers develop a new Loki's Maze based on the current theme (ex: Christmas -> Loki's Maze of Cheers).

The Themed Mazes released so far:

Loki's Maze of Mayhem Edit

First introduced on: Halloween 2015

Period: from Oct. 6th


Loki's Maze of Cheers Edit

First introduced on: Christmas 2015

Period: from Dec. 22th Period: from


  • 2015: Nightmare mask (apparel)
  • 2016: Gingerbread Viking House (Hideout decoration)

Loki's Mirage Edit

First introduced on: Spring 2016

Period: from March 16th Period: from March 25th


  • 2016: Mystery egg chest
  • 2017: Maze of Hair (apparel)

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