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Hiccup: "Hey, [Your Viking's Name]! How would you like to help me map out the island? Our map might help future explorers, and it's the perfect opportunity to get familiar with our surroundings.

Let's start with the area around our camp. Fly above the camp to get a better view."

1- Fly above the camp

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Hiccup: "Isn't the view great up there? Maps are drawn with an aerial view. Being up in the air on a dragon is the best way to determine the shape of the land and the relative location of landmarks.

Great work! Now open your inventory and view the map."

2- Open your backpack and click on the map piece

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Hiccup: "We only have one piece right now, but we'll keep exploring and glue more pieces together until the map is complete.

Let's keep following the shore to the other side of the island. That huge Viking statue over there is a perfect landmark. Fly over the statue so we can survey the area around it."

3- Fly above the Viking statue

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Hiccup: "Landmarks are recognizable natural or man-made features used for navigation. They stand out of the environment and are usually visible from long distances.

For example, this Viking statue and the glacier near the camp are both large, unique objects that are easy to spot from a distance. We should definitely include them in our map.

Huh? Is that a Viking hut on that cliff? It looks like there's a cabbage patch too, but it doesn't look like anyone's home right now.

Well, we can check it out after we're done mapping the island. The second part of the map turned out great! Take a glance at it in your inventory."

4- Open your backpack and click on the map piece

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Hiccup: "There are many types of maps, but the map we're making is called a physical map. Instead of marking roads or villages, we're drawing out the physical features of the island, like bodies of water, land masses, and landmarks.

There must be a quick way to map out the other side of the island... I know! We can probably map out the rest of the island by flying up higher.

Are you feeling brave, [Your Viking's Name]? Let's fly high above the center of the island and look down."

5- Fly over the center of the island

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Hiccup: "Isn't the view spectacular? Only the most skilled dragon fliers can enjoy these sights!

Come back to me and give me the map pieces. I'll glue them together for you!"

6- Give the map pieces to Hiccup

[clip of HTTYD 2 where Hiccup and Toothless are building and adding another location for the map]

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Hiccup: "All done! Take a look at the completed map in your backpack."

7- Open your backpack and click on the map

Item Icestorm Island Map

Icestorm Island Map

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Hiccup: "Looks good! Now that we've mapped out the entire island, we should give it a name. How about Icestorm Island? Welcome to Icestorm Island, the iciest rock in the arctic sea!

Did you notice something odd on the way back to the camp? I thought I spotted something interesting. Will you fly back up toward the hill above the camp and look for anything out of the ordinary?"

8- Look for the footprints on the hill

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Hiccup: "These are some large footprints. I wonder what sort of dragon could have made this imprint..."

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!: "There are more footprints on the other side of the hill. You should investigate."

9- Look at the footprints on the other side of the hill

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!: "What could have caused these footprints?"

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