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Phlegma: "You'll need to go to the Ship Graveyard by yourself. I'm going back to Berk to have Gobber and Gothi look at my injury before it festers. I'll catch up with a clean bill of health. Go!"

1- Go to the Ship Graveyard

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Mulch: "Phlegma told us you need backup! Bucket and I are ready to get our hands dirty. Come over and talk to me!"

2- Talk to Mulch

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Mulch: "I'm chuffed to be looking for the missing ship of Hamish II! Actually, a lot of people say he was a bit like Hiccup.

So, Skulder says we're looking for something north of the 'Dragon's Jaws'? I bet you're looking for a sea stack or a tall island of some sort!"

3- Look for the 'Dragon's Jaws'

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Mulch: "I can recognize Dragon's Jaws when I see them! Now, pull out your compass and head north of the sea stack. The shipwreck should be somewhere near here."

4- Search north of the 'Dragon's Jaws'

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Mulch: "I don't like fishing here since the area is a bit spooky. But Bucket and I charted out this area so that my boat doesn't become a part of the graveyard!

We charted out the ocean currents near here. The water may look like it's standing still, but it's constantly moving in these massive rivers within the oceans. The currents are created by differences in temperature, salinity, and movement of the wind.

Here, the currents move towards the east, so the shipwreck could have moved in that direction over the years. Can you look for a spot where the shipwreck could have moved?"

5- Search east

Mulch icon

Mulch: "There! That sea stack! It's large enough to break the flow of the current. Maybe Hamish's ship is down here.

Do you see anything that might give us a clue that Hamish the Second's ship lies far below us?"

6- Look for clues of the shipwreck

Mulch icon

Mulch: "Eureka! That looks like the tip of a mast to me. We must be on the right track!

Bucket has the best set of lungs among us, so I'm sure he'll volunteer to dive down and find it! Come by and talk to me and we'll sort it out."

7- Talk to Mulch

Mulch icon

Mulch: "Do you see anything, Bucket?"

8- See if Bucket needs help finding the key

Bucket icon

Bucket: "It's no good, Mulch. It's really deep, and the air in my bucket makes it really hard to dive deeper. I'll keep trying."

Mulch icon

Mulch: "Bucket is as healthy as a yak; if he can't swim to the bottom of the sea, there's not a Viking alive who can! maybe we can tie something heavy to me with some rope. I'll have a few moments before I drown, right?"

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "Ahoy there! Sorry for the delay but I've arrived with reinforcements. We're here to help!"

Johann the Trader icon

Johann the Trader: "Young dragon trainer, you have a permission to board the ship to talk to the lovely Botanist. What a wonderful - and generous - Viking!"

9- Talk to the Botanist


Scheme of a diving bell

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "Hiccup was leaving to visit the island of Nephente, but don't worry. We discussed Impossible Island and figured out some solutions. He thinks we can use a diving bell to reach the bottom of the sea!

Have you ever taken a cup and pushed it, open side down, into water? It takes a bit more push than pushing it down open side up, but this leaves a pocket of air inside the cup. That's how a diving bell works! We'll lower the bell into the ocean with its open side faced downwards, and you'll be able to breathe the air bubble that's inside.

Tug on the rope when you're down there if you want to get back to the top, and we'll crank you back up. Good luck... and click on the diving bell."

10- Click on the diving bell

! icon

!: "You should swim around by the ocean floor and look for the key. When you are running low on air, you can return to the diving bell and breathe from the air trapped under the bell."

11- Use the bell for air and find the key
Key location

The Key's Location

! icon

!: "This must be what you were looking for! You should return to the surface of the water by clicking on the rope tied to the diving bell."

12- Click on the rope on the bell to return to the surface

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "Well done, [your Viking's name]!"