Impossible Island is a The Secret of Leviathan expansion-only location.

Impossible Island can be only unlocked after completing the Impossible Island? quest. Impossible Island is an enormous island with a deep, large cenote in the middle of it.

Impoland 1

Overall view of the Island

From the Western side from the Spawning Point (left side), there's a medium-sized beach. This is where Mala's cargo ships arrive with the two minigames.

From the Northwestern side from said Beach (also left side), there's ancient ruins whom seem like a hatchery (this needs to be elaborated).

In the center of the Island, there's a large, deep cenote with Defender of the Wings ancient ruins. There's a lagoon on the bottom of the cenote with pieces of bridges whom, along the way, will be activated and rotate to the correct way. Below the Ancient Pyramid Temple, there's a large, Grass Labyrinth who will be unlocked after recieving Welcome to the Jungle.

In the center of the cenote, there's a small cliff edge that leads to a pyramid-like ancient temple. The doorway has an artificial waterfall with a small bowl (the starting point) and a small statue of an Eruptodon; there's also a gated door whom is locked by a Cogs minigame. On top of the pyramid, there's a crown-like statue with a red tint on it. On the way to said pyramid, there's 2 broken curved columns and floor.

☀Attempting to get your dragon in the cenote will not work, but it can be done by gliding into the cenote. However, landing will teleport your dragon out of the cenote.

When you unlock the cage (and bought the Expansion Pack), you will enter said temple, for more information about the temple, go here.

Futher forward and in front of the pyramid, there's a giant, four winged, crowned, golden Eruptodon statue along with a platform containing the possible next puzzle. On both sides, there's a small Eruptodon Statue; however, the right one has a broken wing.

After completing the Ancient Pyramid Temple and rotated all the bridges, you can enter the large Golden Eruptoon statue, whom, in reality, it's a bigger temple. For more infor4mation about the Eruptodon Temple, go here.

On the wall behind the pyramid, there's various small cliff edges, most of them connected with rope bridges and with broken curved columns. At the end of said path, there's 3 stacks, one smaller than the other forming a small staircase. The entrance to said path is a curved column with a statue resembling the giant Eruptodon statue's crown. On the opposite side to said entrance, there's a few ruins

If you attempt to fall or glide to the lagoon, there will be an invisible wall blocking you (it's easy to notice when your shadow shows up on it) and, if you touch it, you will be immediately teleported to the cliff edge (nearby the entrance) of the cenote. Only after completing Return to the Impossible, you can reach to said restricted area.

Ways to AccessEdit

  • Via Following the sound waves (quest exclusive)
  • Via World Map



  • This is one of the few locations with no Fishing Spots;
  • The said Ancient Pyramid may be based on Mayan Architecture due to the style used for the crown on top of the pyramid, building a house/temple nearby a cenote as an easy way to get resources, and usage of a statue of an animal that resembles their God (in this case, the Eruptodon);
    • It might also be based on Incan Architecture due to the rectangular windows, the lack of mortar to bind the stone (AKA Dry Stone), and the triangular shape of some houses (in this case, a triangular shaped Temple).
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