Icestorm Island is the only location of the Icestorm Island Expansion pack.

It can be accessed only after the purchase of the expansion or membership.

There are three main zones in the island:

  • the esternal part of the island
  • the Ice Cave
  • an abandoned village

The access to the last two zones is locked at the beginning, and they are unlocked by completing quests.

Ways of access Edit

  • By clicking on "Arctic" on the World Map Teleporter/ "Taxi"
  • By clicking on "Icestorm Island" on the World Map
  • By the entrance in the Wilderness

Characters present on the Island Edit


Most of the characters can be found near the Taxi

Dragons that live on the Island Edit


Wild groncicles inside the Ice cave

Fishing spots Edit

There are 8 Fishing spots on the Island; check the Fishing page for more information.

Gallery Edit

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