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Anyone can edit this wiki (you do not need to sign in (in) order to edit any wiki); but, any vandalism/harassment will result in a warning to said user that keeps going it; if it prolongs, it will result in a 3 months block.

There are many pages that need to be expanded and to be completed:

  • For pages without all the neeeded images, go here;
  • For pages without all the information needed, go here;
  • To see all the pages that need information and/or images, go here

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Providing images for The wiki: Edit

PLEASE, MAKE THEM PNG FOR BETTER QUALITY! While we accepty JPEG images, they will be replaced with PNG images when possible.

One of the ways to expand the wiki is by expanding the gallery, so that people can have a minimal idea of what they'll see (especially in terms of dragons, no one wants to have a dragon without knowing how will he look like).

General standards for images:

  • Make sure you hide the Dragon and Viking HUD and, if on PC, ue the middle mouse button to zoom in and out, for better view and/or close up;
  • Also make sure to go to the options and turn both your viking name (so that it doesn't show neither your Viking and Clan's name) and Multiplayer;
  • When screenshotting, make sure that it doesn't show the desktop nor the Dragon's Fire HUD;
  • When naming the files, for an easier way to write the file and/or listing them, we suggest naming it in an acronym style, like for example: razor egg.png → Razorwhip egg
    • For dragons like the Sliquifier, the acronym could be the first few letters (example: Sli break.png → Sliquifier break);
    • For dragons whose name has the same name (like for example: Sweet Death and Screaming Death), its the second name that gets a full acronym, in the case of the Screaming Death, Screaming → Scream;
    • When it's the dragon in a titan stage or with skins:
      • Titan [dragon name] → t[acronym dragon name] (example: Tnightmare fire.png → Titan Monstrous Nightmare fire);
      • War Paint (can be after or before the name) → wpaint/wp (exmaple: mnightmare wp 1.png → Monstrous Nightmare War Paint 1;);
      • Same applies to Racing Colors (Rcolors), Racing Stripes/Paint (Rstripes/rpaint), Hero Racing Paint (Hrpaint);
      • Hero is usually refered to the dragon character they are refering, example: Hero skin Monstrous Nightmare will be refered as Hookfang;

Dragon pages standards Edit

Providing images for the Dragons: Edit

  • Saddled dragons are accepted unless it's a saddle that overs a lot of the dragon's back (like the Defender Saddle); however, saddled dragons are mildly accepted;
  • When screenshotting, make sure:
    • That you're screenshotting in a location whom has a great lighting (The Wilderness for example);
    • That the dragon is in Third View and full body (look at the Razorwhip's Gallery for example), in case of long dragons, make a semi-front view to capture all the body (look at the Scauldron and Screming Death's Gallery for example);
  • The Dragon's images must have a:
    • Standing;
    • Idle;
    • Sit;
    • Sleep (profile and upper view);
    • Swim;
    • Fire (showing the dragon firing and the fire itself) (GIF version is also accepted);
    • Hover;
    • Fly;
    • Firing while flying (due to a glitch that came with an update, dragons won't display their firing animation while flying);
    • Glide (some dragons do not have this);
    • Brake;
      • If the dragon has a pattern (see Grapple Grounder's gallery for example) or a very detailed model (see Razorwhip's gallery for example), screenshot it (upper view, profile, front, close-up to the head in both profile and front view and, close-up to the body in case of smaller details or if your dragon's colors difficult the view of said patterns);
      • If there's a special kind of glitch (like the spaz glitch whom seems to be unexisting now) or a small glitchy detail (like the Razorwhip's eye not shutting down glitch), you may make a gif for it (I suggest you use Giphy to turn a really small video into a small gif and resizeimage to resize it, unless you have other options);

Providing images for the Baby Dragons:

  • If you don't have a baby dragon of a dragon whom does not has images of its baby form, the Hatchery randomly spawns 2 baby dragons; use it to aid some Dragons' Galleries;
  • Baby Dragons might need a big close-up due to their size;
  • Baby Dragon's images must have a:
    • Standing;
    • Idle;
    • Sit;
    • Sleep (upper and profile view);
    • Swim (quite optional but, acceptable);
    • Flying (the only way to get this is with the Hatchery or gliding with the baby dragon, but it's really, really optional);

Quest pages standards Edit

Check other Quest pages to see how they are organized, for example Hungry Berk and Meteors and Buckets.

Check the template for the Quest infobox to learn details on how to fill it.

The dialogues of the NPC are inserted using the Quote template, check the relative documentation to learn how to use it. Remember to write down additional information like items received, animations, quiz (you'll see examples in the quests mentioned above).

For quests that belong to an expansion pack, the field "Expansion Pack" of the Quest infobox needs to be filled. Check for example Krayfin O'Clock.

Remeber to add the relevant categories to the quest pages.

Locations pages standards Edit