The Hotburple is a Boulder Class dragon released on October 24th, 2014. It can be purchased from the store for 375 gems (300 for members).


From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"Hotburples greatly resemble Gronckles, although they have a larger body and wings, and their eyes positioned closer to the snout than to the ears. Like Gronckles, Hotburples are heavily armored and can fire lava blasts after digesting the metal ores that they eat. Their high strike power rivals that of the Night Fury, but they also appear to be more lazy and sleep more often. They are much more lazy compared to Gronckles, as they sleep more and snore even louder. They have the personality of a cat, the opposite to Gronckles, which have a dog-like personality. They have a strong appetite for minerals and iron."
For more information on the Hotburple, visit here.


  • Just like the Scauldron and the Flightmare, The War Paint does not replace the Hero skin with the custom skin;
  • For unknown reasons, the Hotburple Racing Paint is a glitched Gronckle texture with the Racing Paint mixed in it;
    • This glitch has been fixed since v2.7.0.

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