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Bucket: "My sheep have to stand out there in the cold wind all night. I feel really sorry for them. I want to bring them inside my house and keep them warm! I saw Toothless heat up a rock with dragon fire and sleep on it.

I can't breath fire, but I bet I can find some rocks and heat them up. Can you talk to Heather the Alchemist and find the perfect rock to use?"

1- Meet Heather

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Heather: "Hey, student! You want to use my lab to test some theories? That's great!

You want to know which rock can hold the most heat? Sounds like a fun challenge! Check your Field Guide for info on energy, density, and thermal conductivity.

We should start by finding several types of rocks. You'll find them at Wilderness. Find gypsum, marble, limestone and lava rock and bring them back to me at The Lab."

2- Collect gypsum

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Heather: "Gypsum is a sedimentary rock. It's pretty flexible, but it will break if you bend it too much."

3- Collect marble

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Heather: "Marble is a metamorphic rock used for keeping bread warm at dinner time."

4- Collect limestone

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Heather: "Limestone is a sedimentary stone made from shells of billions of tiny sea creatures. Sometimes it's used as chalk."

5- Collect lava rock

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Heather: "You found a lava rock! Look at all the holes. It's an igneous rock that's formed when lava from a volcano bubbles and cools.

Now you're ready to come back to The Lab. Bring the materials you collected and we'll use the information to make a hypothesis."

6- Choose your hypothesis

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Heather: "Interesting choice! Let's go into The Lab and do our experiment!"

7- Heat up the gypsum

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Heather: "Based on your results your hypothesis was true. The marble radiated the most heat and held the heat the longest. I bet Bucket will be really happy! go tell him now."

8- Talk to Bucket

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Bucket: "Marble, huh? I think I know where to mine some. Thanks, friend. You're a great Viking."