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Headmaster: "Terrible Terror love paper. They've torn up the School of Dragons history book! Again! We need your help rewriting the missing pages for the book.
You should start with Wartihog. He was just in the morning class and has notes."

1- Talk to Wartihog at the school

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Wartihog: "Sure, you can look at my notes from the class. Just remember this next time I forget my homework.
After defeating the Red Death, the Vikings and dragons forged an alliance! Living together in harmony wasn;t working out so well in Berk, so the School of Dragons was created.
Clueless was also in class taking notes. Go see him for another page. He is behind the Lab."

2- Talk to Clueless by the Lab

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Clueless: "Huh? Was I writing notes? Well, I have this piece of paper in my hand
The location ofthe School of Dragons was chosen because the island was a caldera. A caldera is an old volcano that collapses inwards and leaves a ring of mountains.
It's the perfect protection for the students and dragons from possible enemies, and we can train in peace in this island.
Speedifist was a little late to class, but he took notes too. He told me he was standing by Thunder Run Racing tower!"

3- Talk to Speedifist

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Speedifist: "I wasn't late; I just like to make a fashionable entrance. Here are my notes.
Many of these buildings were already here when Hiccup first found the island! Vikings used to live on this island, years before the School of Dragons began."

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Headmaster: "We're still missing a few pages. Go talk to Fishlegs. He's always been one of my best students."

4- Talk to Fishlegs by the boat dock to Berk

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Fishlegs: "School of Dragons History is one of my favorite subjects. I've read the book five times now. Here is my favorite fact!
The ancient Vikings who lived here before were proud warriors who knew alot about dragons. They left markings on the columns and created statues. We've learned alot from them.
Sometimes I just stare at what the Vikings left, and I wonder if they loved their dragons as much as I love Meatlug!
Astrid is a really good student because she's really competitive. Go talk to her!"

5- Talk to Astrid near the store at school

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Astrid: "Wow! I haven't taken that class in a long time. Here is something I remember.
Once Hiccup found the island, Stoick called on only the most competent Vikings to become the teachers for the new school.
Snotlout might be helpful, but I don't think Snotlout has ever been helpful to anyone. He's at the school."

6- Talk to Snotlout at the Training Grounds

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Snotlout: "I don't read words, so why are you asking me about books? Oh, Astrid sent you? I'll help you out if you talk to her about how cool I am.
Our new Headmaster was one of the strongest Viking warriors before he became a teacher."

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Headmaster: "Bring those pages back to me, [Your Viking Name]."

7- Deliver the pages to the Headmaster

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Headmaster: "Amazing work! This book is our legacy, and it means the world to me. Great job."