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Ruffnut: "I can't prank a lot of people because they can see coming. Fishlegs is always talking about that camouflage dragon that change it's skin to blend in, and there's there's this other on that mimics a flower to lure in prey.

That gave me a great idea! I could blend in with my surroundings too! Gather the stuff I need to make it, will you? I'll need twigs, grass, and dirt from the Wilderness."

1- Collect twigs in the Wilderness

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Ruffnut: "Oh, sweet! These twigs will help me blend into the Wilderness! Lots of animals look like things in their habitat to remain hidden from predators."

2- Collect grass in the Wilderness

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Ruffnut: "Can you imagine the look on Snotlout's face when I pop out of the bush? He'll never see me coming!"

3- Collect dirt in the Wilderness

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Ruffnut: "Since I can't actually change my skin color like some animals, this dirt will be perfect to put on and blend in to the dirty ground. It's all coming together!

Come on, come on! I can't wait to get started! Give me the goods!"

4- Return to Ruffnut in Berk

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Ruffnut: "This rocks so much! We'll be able to blend right in to the background by smearing this on us. I'm so excited!"