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Hideout entrance

The Hideout is your own customizable house for you and your dragon. It was introduced on Dec. 18th 2015, with the Battle for the Edge expansion pack.

It can be decorated with furniture found in the Store, under "Housing Store"

How to get it Edit

Hideout int

Inside the Hideout

  • It's included with the Battle for the Edge expansion pack.
  • It can be purchased separately for 200 Gems icon trans (160 for Member icon trans) from the Store, under Treasures -> Expansions -> Viking Hideout Map 

Ways of access Edit

Currently it can only be accessed from the Dragon's Edge Island.

Trivia Edit

  • The colors on the outside of the Hideout are the ones of your active dragon
  • You can visit your friend's hideouts by clicking the Home icon trans button from your Friend List, but it seems that inviting your friends to visit you in the hideout won't work;
    • If you attempt to visit someone's Hideout without said expansion, the game will give you the ad to buy it.

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