Helheim's Gate is one of four locations of Return to Dragon Island Expansion, which can be accessed via Membership or purchase it with 1,250 Gems.

It's by going through Helheim's Gate that you can find Dragon Island, during the mission Dragon Island. Helheim's Gate seems to have a wide open space, unfortunately, it's not the case. Instead, Helheim's Gate is filled with numerous Invisible Walls and the Ocean Currents that can drag you and make it difficult to overcome; with both of these, it can be quite hard to navegate since it's easy to be stuck between an Invisible Wall and an Ocean Current.

It's also the current only location to have a unique Game Mechanic: The usement of the Map and the Compass to navegate.

Ways to AccessEdit

  • Traveling via the World Map;
  • Traveling via the Teleporter;

There's no current entrace to enter in this location. However, there's 3 ways to leave this Location.

Fishing SpotsEdit

There's two Fishing Spots, one of which is sort of hidden. Both two are Saltwater.

  • The Giant Salmon Spot that is located in the Map. There's in total 4 pieces of land that you can use to fish it;
  • A hidden Halibut Spot that is located South from the Boat.

Helheim's Gate MapEdit

Helheim's Gate

Helheim's Gate

Created by Wiki-LPS100Created by Wiki-LPS100


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