I am Harald Forkbeard: trader, navigator, and master of adventure at your service.
  — Harald Forkbeard [src]  

Harald Forkbeard is an original SoD character introduced in the Battle for the Edge expansion pack. He also appears in the Rise of Stormheart expansion pack.

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Battle for the Edge Edit

Harald is introduced in the quest Threat of the Dragon Hunters. He looks like a man full of self-confidence, as he attrack his boat at Dragon's Edge docks and roam around when nobody is around. He feels "at home" at Dragon's Edge, as he declare it was one of his haunts during his journeys. He presents himself as a trader and navigator, and explain he was forced to stop at Dragon's Edge due to a conflict with Dragon Hunters, that wanted to steal his wares, and his boat got damaged in the process.

He trained his dragon Leopold, and he consider it as his pet. He seems eager to learn more about dragon training from the people at Dragon's Edge[src]. He see the training of dragons as "convenient" [src]. He seems particularly interested in the Armorwing [src], and he reads the Book of Dragons to learn more [src].

He doesn't seem to have much knowledge of dragons, as it doesn't recognize a Snaptrapper in Multi-head Bonanza. But he knows how to open a Dragon Hunter's cage, and he is willing to help the dragon riders rescuing dragons [src].He's also smart, and quick at problem-solving, as in Stuck on You he's the one to suggest a way to guide the Armorwing.

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Skulder the Archaeologist Edit

harald doesn't seem to get along well with Skulder. He describe him as a "strange man", an "unpredictable man" that could "act irrationally". Why Harald says he doesn't know why the Archaeologist doesn't like him, he says that he ran into him once and Skulder accused him of trying to hurt him, for apparently no reason [src].

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