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Fishlegs: "I could go on and on about dragons with my incredible dragon knowledge, but right now Meatlug needs to recharge her shots! Can you bring me three types of rocks please? 2 of each. Wait! No, 3 of each!

That should do it! She's a gourmand and she likes a variety of rocks for her diet. You'll find great ones back at Berk."

1- Collect metamorphic rocks in Berk (0/3)

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Fishlegs: "When sedimentary and igneous rocks are exposed to extreme pressure and heat, they completely change! They become more compacted. These are called metamorphic rocks.

Meatlug's fireballs burn brighter when she eats them."

2- Collect igneous rocks in Berk (0/3)

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Fishlegs: "Igneous rocks are formed when melted rock cools and solidifies. When Meatlug's fireball blasts cool, they form igneous rocks!"

3- Collect sedimentary rocks in Berk (0/3)

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Fishlegs: "Sedimentary rocks are formed when fragments of rocks, minerals, or animal or plant material accumulate over time. Meatlug loves eating these rocks because they go down smooth!

Bring all those rocks back to me please!"

4- Deliver rocks to Fishlegs by his house

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Fishlegs: "[Your Viking's Name], you never cease to amaze me! You rock! Get it? You "rock" because you just collected rocks! Oh, never mind. Thanks!"