The Groncicle is an exclusive dragon released with the Icestorm Island (expansion) on April 24th, 2015. It can be purchased for 750 gems (600 for members) or awarded for finishing a certain quest.


From the School of Dragons Game Guide:

"The Groncicle is an Arctic dragon that is classified under the Boulder Class. Unlike all the other dragons in this class, the Groncicle is quite comfortable in water. While these dragons look a lot like their cousins the Gronckles, their body is more streamlined, undoubtedly contributing to their agility in the seas. To the ignorant, it may look like these dragons lack the ability to cause much harm (barring the fearsome spikes on their chins). But with ice in its veins and liquid nitrogen fire, the Groncicle is not a dragon you would want to upset.
"Everything about these dragons remind you of the terrain they love best – they are icy blue and white in color, the spines on their back look like snowy mountains, and the spikes on their chin resemble icicles. But sadly, their affinity to ice and snow means they could never make the Isle of Berk their home. However, you can always visit them in their own land where they may even show you a trick or two. Just remember not to get friendly with them in the water – these dragons freeze the water around them as they swim!"
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