He's Stoick's right-hand man and his best friend.  Gobber is well known for his boisterous attitude, bravery, and loyalty.


After losing his left hand and his right leg, Gobber was taken away from the battlefield and started working as a black smith where he excelled.  He would eventually take Hiccup as his apprentice and even made the prosthetic leg for Hiccup.

In The GameEdit

Gobber is the one who helps the new player through the tutorials.  Later he assigns the player to quests in the wilderness.  He's also responsible for several other quests at the School of Dragons.  he can be found by the lake in the Wilderness, inside the hatchery, and in front of the Commons at the School.

Gobber in the game.



The New Student:Edit

  • School Boat
  • Hiccup
  • Personality Test
  • Dragon Egg
  • Dragon Care


The New Student:Edit

  • Completed School Boat
  • Completed The Hatchery
  • Completed Personality Test
  • Completed Dragon Egg

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