Gems Gems icon trans are the premium currency in School of Dragons. In the game’s early days, gems could only be acquired by purchasing them in varying amounts for USD. Since then, it has become easier for players to obtain gems. Completing offers and inviting friends were two early methods of gaining gems without the need to spend money.

For USDEdit

Gems can be purchased in four different amounts. In the past, School of Dragons has been known to run holiday sales that included discounts on gem purchases.

For the last several months the game has had many problems with the delivery of gems, a problem that appears to stem from JumpStart itself as Neopets—also owned by JumpStart—is known to have had purchase delivery problems during the same time frame. At the end of February 2016, the problem culminated in the game’s payment page being taken offline, although players were still able to make purchase through Google Play and the use of store-bought game cards.

Due to the problems associated with purchasing gems, players may wish to wait until they can use PayPal to make purchases again so that they can use its built-in ability to handle disputes for undelivered goods.

Additionally, support for purchasing from foreign countries is inconsistent across platforms. If the online, mobile, or downloaded versions won’t accept payments from your country, try purchasing through the Steam version of the game, which supports payment from a wider range of locations.


Players who purchase membership are meant to receive 500 gems per month per account (not per Viking). However, many players have complained in recent months over receiving their monthly gems late or not at all.

Completing OffersEdit

Today, most of the game’s offers for gems are found through the Facebook version of the game. Offers vary based on the player’s region and not all regions have as many offers as others; some places even have no offers at all.

However, it's not recommened doing this method due to most of the offers can give small or severe viruses that can break the computer (or any device) and/or give a higher chance to someone hack the PC (or any device). Most of the times, the offers are very unbalanced.

Invite a FriendEdit

When first added to the game on 8/8/13 as part of version 2.0, inviting a friend awarded 200 coins, but this was changed 21 days later to awarding 50 gems. Currently players are limited to only receiving gems for the first 50 friends they get to join the game, capping this method of obtaining the premium currency at 2,500 gems.

At an unknown update, the invite limit was reduced to 5 friends, reducing from 2,500 Gems to 250 Gems.

Log-in RewardsEdit

One of the easiest ways for players to earn gems is by logging into the game on consecutive days. Players receive 15 gems for logging in three days in a row and 25 gems for logging in five days in a row. After the fifth consecutive day, the rewards counter resets to day one. For more information on log-in rewards, check out its page here.

Around early September 2017, the daily rewards were changed. You can now get 5 gems the first day you log in, 15 for logging in three days in a row, and 30 for logging in five days in a row.

Battle EventsEdit

More active players can try their hand at Battle Events for the chance to win gems. The higher the tier a player scores in, the larger the gem reward can be. For players in a clan, members of the three clans that score the most battle points in a given month will win 200 gems at the end of that month. For more in-depth information of how to battle and what rewards you can expect, take a look at the battle events page.

Stable MissionsEdit

Stable Missions are the latest way that players can earn gems, and has caused at least one player to refer to this as the “golden age” of gems. Stable missions can be completed at any time, unlike battle events which occur on a fixed schedule. See the wiki’s stable missions page for more info of which missions give gems as how many gems each tier of rewards can give out.

Minigames Edit

The minigames from the The Secret of Leviathan expansion pack, Cogs and Incredible Machine, can give gems. If a player completes all the levels with 3 stars, they can get a total of 400 gems. Cogs give 200 gems and Incredible Machine gives 200 gems.

Another minigame that can give players gems is Dragon Tactics. The minigame from Rise of Stormheart expansion pack can give 5-12 gems. Once you finish a level, there are four chests you can open. You need to answer a "quiz" to open the chests. If you get the answer right you get to pick your prize. If your answer is wrong, the chest becomes locked.