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Mildew: "Horrible dragons! How could they do such a thing to my poor sheep? My poor Fungus can't move--he's as stiff as a board!

I found him lying on the ground over there. Figure out what happened so you can fix what your dragons have done."

1- Find out what happened to Fungus

Item Speed Stinger Claw

Speed Stinger Claw

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Mildew: "A dragon claw! See? I told you it was those blasted dragons."

2- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Incredible! This claw belongs to a Speed Stinger. I'm still trying to learn more about them. They are known to paralyze prey with their poisonous barbed tails. Speed Stingers can paralyze a human, dragon, or sheep with just one sting. The paralysis wears off eventually, but it could take hours or even days.

Talk to the Botanist about finding a way to speed up Fungus' recovery. Anti-paralysis medicine could come in handy in the future, especially if we're going to live alongside the Speed Stingers."

3- Talk to the Botanist at the Lookout

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "There is no immediate cure for a Speed Stinger's sting, but there is a way to speed up the healing process

There are plants that have muscle-relaxing properties that can help. Please fetch me a Skullcap plant and a Lobelia plant from the Wilderness."

4- Find the skullcap and lobelia plants in the Wilderness

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Phlegma: "Those are correct. Well done!

Now we need to mix these plants together to make the medicine. Take them to the lab and talk to Heather."

5- Talk to Heather by the Lab

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Heather: "Giving medicine to a paralyzed sheep is not easy. We need to find some way to get the sheep to eat the medicine. Let me think about this for a minute..."