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Astrid: "We are so lucky to be able to train dragons! They're such amazing creatures, full of majesty and strength. As dragon trainers, I think we have a duty to put that power to good use.

There's a lot of things out there that could harm Berk. We need to defend Berk and the School from all threats, and our dragons will help! Let's get started. Can you go to the Wilderness and find 7 gold nuggets?"

1- Collect gold in the Wilderness (0/7)

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Astrid: "Those are exactly what I wanted! They're the perfect size and shape!

Only the most skilled dragon trainers should help out in the defense of the village. After all, it could get very dangerous! I wanted to give a special medallion to every trainer who helps show they're elite.

Can you take these gold pieces to Hiccup? I'll tell him you're on your way. He's by Gobber's smithy in Berk."

2- Give the gold to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Hey there [Your Viking's Name], I heard about Astrid's plan for some medallions. It's easy work, so I'll have it ready for you in the blink of an eye."

Item: 5 Berk Watch Medal

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Hiccup: "There you go! There medallions will be the pride of any dragon trainer who has it. Can you deliver these medallions to the senior dragon trainers here? You'll find them all around Berk and the School."

3- Give the medallion to Fishlegs

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Fishlegs: "Oh! Oh! Did you know Vikings have used medallions for ages? I'm glad I have one of my very own!"

4- Give the medallion to Ruffnut

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Ruffnut: "Far out! I always wanted a pretty medallion! Wait, my dumb brother gets one too? You know, this Berk Watch used to be cool. It used to have standards ... then we had to let Tuffnut in."

5- Give the medallion to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "You can rest easy, [Your Viking's Name]. I'll scare off any evildoers with my ferocious look. Seriously, look at my dragon. Who would want to mess with a dragon like that?"

6- Give the medallion to Tuffnut

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Tuffnut: "You were wise to seek out the world's deadliest dragon trainer! I mean me, by the way, not Hiccup."

7- Give the medallion to Astrid

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Astrid: "Wow, it looks even better than I expected! Hiccup is really great at this. Thank you so much for helping out!

The Headmaster told me that you're progressing really well in your studies. Well, show me what you can do and I'll let you join the Berk Watch. It won't be easy, [Your Viking's Name]. I have very high standards! Show me your score in Fireball Frenzy."

8- Test yourself in Fireball Frenzy

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Snotlout: "That was pretty good! That was almost as good as my runs through Fireball Frenzy. I think you're a shoe-in for the Berk Watch."

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Astrid: "Snotlout's right, you did a great job at Fireball Frenzy! Show me your dragon flying skills are up to snuff. Fly out to sea and find a flag I left on the sea and find the flag I left in the village!"

9- Find the flags at the edges of Berk (0/2)

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Astrid: "Yeah! You're the Viking!

How's your hunting skills, [Your Viking's Name]? For your final challenge, I'll hide a coin within the village. You'll need to have better vision than a Nadder to find it. Good luck!"

10- Find the hidden coin

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Astrid: "You're wonderful!

I'm glad to call you the newest member of the Berk Watch! Give that coin and my two flags to Hiccup and he'll hand you your own medal."

11- Give the coin and flags to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Astrid told me how well you did in her trials. Great job! I know I can depend on you to be a skilled dragon rider. Here, I'll give you a shirt so you can wear the medal around your neck, Check your clothes and put it on!"

Item: 1 Berk Watch Shirt

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Hiccup: "Can you go and tell my mom Valka that you're now a part of the Berk Watch? She should be standing by the Great Hall."

12- Talk to Valka about the Berk Watch

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Valka: "It's dangerous work but it's neccessary. I'll count on you to keep your eye out for suspicious behavior. Remember to be careful."