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Valka: "It still breaks my heart that I couldn't see my son grow. I have an idea to make it up to him. I know that he loves drawing dragons in that book of his, just like his mother. Can you help me get him some ink? I've talked to our friendly alchemist, Heather, about it."

1- Talk to Heather

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Heather: "Hey there! It's nice to see you.

I'd love to help out and make some ink! We'll need a little mixture of fermented eels and flower petals. Can you go to the wilderness and find some blue flowers?"

2- Find 6 blue flowers in the Wilderness

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Heather: "That's great!

Those would make a wonderful shade of blue! Bring then back to me, [Your Viking's Name]."

3- Deliver flowers to Heather

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Heather: "They're really cool.

There are many ways to create ink! One good way to do so is to ferment eels. Bring me 3 eels! By then I should have finished your ink."

4- Bring Heather 3 eels

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Heather: "That's fantastic.
I know dragons aren't particularly fond of eels, but I like these fish. Here's a bottle of ink!"

Item: 1 Ink Bottle

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Heather: "I'm sure Hiccup will love this ink. Give this to Valka please!"

5- Bring the ink bottle to Valka

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Valka: "I don't know much about ink; I mostly use charcoal, myself. Still, I am sure Hiccup would love to put this to good use.

I'll wrap this up in a nice box. I've missed so many Snoggletogs that I really miss that tradition. Can you take Hiccup elsewhere for a moment? I want this to be a surprise!"

6- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Het bud!Sure, I'd love to spot you on some target practice. Let's go to it!

I'll set up some targets along the rocks that ring the wilderness. Go there, tap on them, and shoot three of them with fireballs!"

7- Shoot targets for Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Look at that! Great job!

There's a box here by the Flight Club tower. Do you know anything about this, [Your Viking's Name]? Come by, please!"

8- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "It's from my mother. I really appreciate that she's trying to connect with me. Between you and me, she doesn't need to try that hard! When I first found her I couldn't believe how much we had in common.

You were definitely a part of this, [Your Viking's Name]. Feel free to distract me any time."

Tip: if one of the targets at step 7 appears embedded in the rock wall, fly with your dragon against the wall following the arrow. The dragon's head will cross the rock wall, and shooting in this position will hit the hidden target.