Flying 1

Monstrous Nightmare rider flying on Credits Island

Flying and Gliding are two essential elements of the game that allow you to explore more of the world as well as participate in more activities. Gliding is available after your dragon has reached level 5 and been aged up the the Shortwing (teen) stage, while flying is available after level 10 and aging up to the Broadwing (adult) stage.


Gronk glide

Rider gliding with a Gronckle

Gliding is obtained upon the dragon bonding level reaching level 5. After this has happened, you will go to Hiccup to accept a quest to grow your dragon in the dragon hearth in the hatchery. After your dragon has grown, you will be able to ride it and glide on it. To glide, just press the space bar twice while moving forward.

You can not move upwards in the air while gliding, but only stall or accelerate how fast you descend to the ground.


Flying is obtained upon the dragon bonding level reaching level 10. After this level has been reached, you will go to Hiccup to receive a quest to grow your dragon again; this time your dragon will be able to fly. To fly, just press the space bar twice.

You will also now be able to enter the Thunder Run Racing event and race other dragons. If you have Hiccup's Flight Suit, press E to jump off your dragon when the Flight Suit button appears. However, E will not put you back on your dragon.

If you fly high enough or far away from the center an area, you'll encounter the map's menu screen, which you can use to select and travel to a different location.


  • Acceleration: Space Bar
  • Break: Shift
    • If Shift+Space Bar are pressed at the same time, you can break while slowly moving, in other words, "Stealthly Fly".
  • Launch fireball: F
  • Change targets: Tab
  • Movement: Up, Left, Down and Right cursor keys or W, A, S, D, Q, and E*.
  • Flight Suit: E

*It won't work if you have a Flight Suit, however, if you're in a place where you can't use the Flight Suit, you can use the E for a diagonal right movement.

For more information on how to use the Flight Suit, go here.


  • Using (Ctrl) key+(-) key will result in a different camera angle or (Ctrl)+(+) will give you other camera angles, one of which hides most of the GUI (Graphical User Interface).
    • However, reaching that GUI-hiding camera angle may result in a glitch which causes the options to stay hidden.  If you keep changing camera angles, instead of showing the camera angle with the options back it will show a frozen screen with the options. To stop this glitch, the player must exit and re-enter the game.
  • If the player press and holds Space Bar+Shift, the dragon will fly with more carefully.