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Phlegma: "Hello Viking! My friend Brunnhild the Beauty wants a pink rose for her husband. It's tough to find pink roses in the wild, but I have a solution.
If you bring me a red rose and a white rose, I can cross pollinate them to grow pink roses."

1- Collect the red flower in Wilderness

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Phlegma: "The phenotype of this rose is red! The phenotype is the appearance the rose's traits take on."

2- Collect the white flower in Wilderness

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Phlegma: "You found a white rose! It looks like this phenotype is white.
Bring those back to me."

3- Take flowers to Phlegma

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "They're beautiful! If I breed these together I can make a wonderful pink rose.
Genetic traits like flower color are inherited from parents, so it's possible we can get a mix between a red and white phenotype. That would make pink!"

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