The Shieldmaiden Flight Suit (now called Viking Flight Suit) AKA Flight Suit is a special clothing that can either be unlocked with Membership or purchase for 350 Gems (it used to be 500 Gems until an unknown update), it was added in 6th of June, 2014 as a part of the v7.1.

The Flight Suit can only be used when flying with your dragon and glide to other places without riding a dragon.

There has been massive amounts of gltiches, one of which would make the leather that connects the arms to the legs disappear.

When the player has more than 1 Flight Suit, the last choosen Flight Suit will be the one that appears when triggered (example: the player had the normal Flight Suit on and, clicked the button to remove the Flight Suit. If the player triggers it again in mid-flight, it's the Normal Flight Suit that will appear).

Shieldmaiden flight suit

Target Flight SuitEdit

If someone buys a Gem Giftcard/Card at a Target Shop and redeem it, the buyer would recieve a free Flight Suit whom brown parts are colored red instead.

Unlike the Shieldmaiden Flight Suit and the Skullcrusher Flight Suit, it doesn't replaces the shoes and the wristbands.

Skullcrusher Flight SuitEdit

In an unknown date, if someone bought the How To Train Your Dragon 2 movie, the buyer would get a redeem code for an exclusive Skullcrusher Flight Suit.

The helmet consisted in 3 horns resembling a Rumblehorn and, the leather had a tip in the middle and on the leg-tip.

It's unknown when it ended or when it started.

Jungle Shieldmaiden Flight SuitEdit

During the mission Return to the Impossible, the player recieves the Jungle Flight Suit whom serves as a way to safely glide down to the bridge (despite using the normal Flight Suit does the same thing).

Jsuit comp

The Comparison between the Jungle Flight Suit (left) and the Normal Flight Suit (right)

The Jungle Flight Suit is generally darker and, has brown and green tones around in certain areas (the helmet, the wristbands, the membranes, the dorsal membrane and the shoes). The Chestplate is more brown leather than black leather and has a belt in the form of a "x".

Other than that appearance being quite different, the glide seems to be smoother.

Skyrunner Flight SuitEdit


The Skyrunner Flight Suit in the store

The Skyrunner Flight Suit in an exclusive Flight Suit released in June 27th, 2017 and stayed in stores till July 5th, 2017. Currently, it's the only Flight Suit whose is limited-timed.

Flight Suit ControlsEdit

While flying with a Dragon, the player uses Shift to brake and Space Bar to accelerate, however, when using the Flight Suit, the controls are much different:

  • E - Use Flight Suit
  • Up/W Key - brake
  • Left and Right/A & D Keys - Change direction
  • Down/S Key - Accelerate
  • R - Return to your dragon

In order to use the Flight Suit, the player has to fly with the Dragon until the Flight Suit's Button appears and then click said button or press E, when using the Flight Suit, the player will leave the dragon and start gliding.

The player can accelerate by diving down, turn left or right and brake by pushing the Up/W Key. Gliding with the Flight Suit works exacly like gliding with a Dragon. However, while dragons have to land in order to start gliding again, a player using a flight suit can just hop back up to the dragon, fly higher and use the Flight Suit again.

As for v2.7.0, the dragon will always follow you around when gliding.

If the player lands on something, the player has an option to remove the Flight Suit without needing to go to the Journal and remove it. If the player is flying on a dragon but isn't wearing the Flight Suit, it will auto-wear it when the player activates it by clicking the 'glide' button or pressing E on the keyboard. However, if the player is wearing the Flight Suit while either flying with the dragon or falling from a high fall, the player can trigger the Flight Suit (faster due to the Flight Suit model being already loaded). *The best place to glide is the Isle of Berk and anywhere that has a large mountain to dive from.

The Flight Suit will replace everything except for the Shoulder Pads and the Mask. Changing the helmet, armor and boots via the Journal will remove the flight suit

*While the player can glide on the main locations and on most of the expansion packs' locations, these are the locations where the player can't glide:


Flights 11

The result of triggering the Flight Suit while doing the "spazzing out" glitch on the Stormcutter

  • While male vikings have the Flight Suit's Mask, for unknown reasons, female vikings do not have the Flight Suit's Mask;
  • Funnily enough, if the player does the "Side-Gliding returns in spazzing out" Stormcutter Glitch and triggers the Flight Suit, the Stormcutter will stay spazzed out until the Side-Gliding animation ends or the player reaches the floor/returns to the dragon.
  • If the player stands right in the middle of the Wilderness' Geyser with the Flight Suit on, it will grant the access to glide in place without the help of the dragon;
Player gliding on geyser

Player gliding in place because of the Geyser


  • While the dragon does follows you around, in most of the cases, it will be stuck in place while in flight animation or gliding;
    • As for v2.7.0 this glitch has been fixed;
  • If the player is somewhat near the ground (or half way through), the dragon will keep jumping from landing on the ground to keep following the player;
  • If the box to return to the stables appears and clicks on it immediately after triggering the Flight Suit, the player will be in an horizontal position with the flight suit open and, it will be in a loop between using the flight suit and the walking animation.