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Flight club inside

Playing a flying level

Flight Club is a minigame run by Hiccup where you can mount your dragon and fly or glide through an obstacle course. Most of these courses involve collecting flags or flying through hoops, and scores are given based on your performance and time. It is located in the Training Grounds.


Your dragon is eligible to play in Flight Club when it reaches the Shortwing stage (level 5) and is capable of gliding. At that point, you can enter the Flight Club and complete tracks that involve you gliding from rock to rock, either collecting flags or reaching a finishing line within the time limit. Depending on how fast you complete the task, and on how many flags, you will be assigned a grade (A+, A-, B+, B-). With the June 2014 update, power-ups that count towards your score were added, allowing you to attract pick-ups with a magnet or stop the timer with an hourglass for four seconds. There are only 10 gliding stage levels - the first five are available for free while the last five must be purchased for 50 gems each.

When your dragon becomes a Broadwing (level 10), new flying levels are available to complete. This time, you must collect flags, fly through hoops, or reach checkpoints. These flying stages are useful for becoming acquainted with flying your dragon so that you may improve in Thunder Run Racing. There are 15 flying levels available; while the first six are free, the rest must be unlocked for 50 gems each. It costs 10 energy to play with your dragon.


Flight Club selection screen

In addition to your dragon, you may also fly with any of eight other "Hero" Dragons: Toothless (Night Fury), Groundsplitter (Whispering Death), Meatlug (Gronckle), Stormfly (Deadly Nadder), Barf Belch (Hideous Zippleback), Hookfang (Monstrous Nightmare), Thornado (Thunderdrum), and Stokehead (Timberjack). However, to unlock their levels, you must have a membership or pay 250 gems for each dragon (with the exceptions of Hookfang, whose levels are given for free, and Toothless, whose levels cost 500 gems). Each dragon can fly in the normal course along with their special "hero" courses that takes place in their species' attribute. This means that Groundsplitter's hero courses will take place in an underground setting while Meatlug's will be on a rocky island, Stormfly's in a glacier, Barf Belch's in a gassy storm, Hookfang's in a volcano, Thornado's underwater, Stokehead's in a forest, and Toothless' on Berk.

You may repeat any course on all dragons however many times you wish, though you will only receive coins for your first flight through the course on that specific dragon.

Power-ups Edit

There are four power-ups that can be used in multiplayer Thunder Run Racing:

2016-03-11 (3)

Speed Boost icon

  1. Speed Boost (Slot 1): Increases your dragon's speed for a few seconds but makes their pitch and turning much harder to control, as in Thunder Run Racing.

    Extra Energy icon

  2. Extra Energy (Slot 2): currently has no function.
    Extra time

    Extra Time icon

  3. Extra time (Slot 3 or 4): Gives an extra 5 seconds.

    Magnet icon

  4. Magnet (Slot 3 or 4): attract pick-up flags at a distance. Lasts a few seconds.

Extra time and Magnet power ups are found in-game by flying through the hovering item boxes, usually found at the strat of the race.


Flight Club underwent multiple changes on 8/8/13 as part of the release of v2.0.  On that day, five new levels were added for adult dragons and a countdown was added at the start of each level.  In addition, minimum happiness levels previously required for a dragon to be able to shoot fire were removed inside of Flight Club.  The fireball cooldown when inside Flight Club was also reduced, making using a dragon's fire much easier.

Version 3,0, released on 8/29/13, saw the addition of hero levels for Meatlug and the Screaming Death.  As part of the same update, adult dragons were granted access to teen flight levels due to how often players had asked to be able to play through the teen levels on their adult dragons.

With version 4.0 on 9/12/13, Toothless gained five new levels.

About two weeks later, on 9/27/13, the Barf & Belch and Thornado Hero Levels were added to the game.  Additionally, the Hero Dragon tips were updated.

On 10/10/13, Stormfly's Hero Levels were added as part of version 5.0.  A bug fixed released at the same time fixed a problem where Thornado would shoot downwards when firing without a target.  Despite not being the last of the Hero Dragons released, Stormfly's levels continue to be advertised on the game's loading screens.

The character model for Hiccup from the first movie stayed at the Toothless levels for years after the transition of the other characters from the first movie to the second movie. It was just recently when the second movie character model replaced the model of the first movie.



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