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Phlegma: "Hello [Your Viking's Name]! Now that you know how to farm, you should learn more about how plants survive in the world. Each plant has specialized features like roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits that allow them to live in their environment.
There are four types of flowers I want! Can you find three of each type of flower?"

1- Find Blue Anemone in the school (0/3)

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Phlegma: "This is a Blue Anemone. It has thick roots that hold the flower in place. All parts of this plant can be poisonous, so it will be very painful if an animal eats this plant! This helps the flower survive longer."

2- Find Alpine Gentian in Berk (0/3)

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Phlegma: "This is Alpine Gentian. It has bitter roots as a defense mechanism. Animals don't want to eat these flowers because it tastes so bad!"

3- Find Dark Red Helleborine in the Wilderness (0/3)

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Phlegma: "This is a Dark Red Helleborine. It releases a vanilla scent that helps attract bees. The bees then help carry the flower's pollen to other flowers.
When a flower is pollinated, it will be able to develop seeds to help reproduce and grow more flowers!"

4- Find 2 Alpine Blue Thistle in the Wilderness (0/2)

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Phlegma: "These are Alpine Blue Thistles. Their thistles are very tall and usually stick out above the other flowers. These flowers tower over other plants to get optimal sunlight. They really need to, since they grow in high elevation!
Please bring the flowers back to me so I can get them into pots right away!"

5- Return to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "Aren't these plants amazing? Each part of the plant serves a purpose! Some work to defend the plant from animals, and some even draw them in to help reproduce!"

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