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Hiccup: "I was hardly cold inside the igloo. That was a great idea to make that with you, [Your Viking's Name]. Hey, who is that friendly-looking fellow? Maybe he's the one who owns this camp."

1- Talk to the stranger

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Archaeologist: "Hello there! I was wondering who built an igloo in the middle of my camp. Pleased to meet you!

Actually, I could really use your help. These dragons appeared in my camp out of nowhere! I would shoo them away myself, but I don't have any weapons with me..."

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Hiccup: "It's okay, these dragons are our friends. They don't mean any harm. A lot of things have changed in Berk over the years! [Your Viking's Name], show him that he has nothing to worry about. Can you ask [Your Dragon's Name] to light that fire pit for us?"

2- Light the fire pit in the camp

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Archaeologist: "Trained dragons? Incredible! I've never seen such a thing. I don't mean to offend, but I'd still rather not get too close to them. Though I suppose exploring this inhospitable place would be so much easier with a dragon...

I've been working alone on this icy island for years. It's such a pleasure to finally have some company. Please, let me share my work with you! Click on the stone slab on this table."

3- Click on the treasure tablet

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Archaeologist: "Marvelous piece of work, isn't it? It's an ancient rock carving--or in scientific terms--a petroglyph. This petroglyph depicts a viking civilization that once lived on this desolate isle.

As you can see, it's been broken. The other pieces were scattered across the entire island. For years, I've been slowly recovering and putting the missing pieces back together.

I believe this ancient petroglyph holds the answer to finding their legendary treasure. I am always getting closer to the answer, though I am constantly hindered by this insufferable weather.

If you could help me get some of this snow off of my things, I'd very much appreciate it."

4- Melt the snow pile in the camp

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Archaeologist: "Wonderful! Thank you so much. Archaeological will go much faster with you and [Your Dragon's Name]'s help. I would be honored to work alongside you!"