Entrance to your farm

The Farm was added in 8th of October, 2013 as a part of v3.0.

Every player is given a small plot of land located in the Lookout to serve as their farm. The farms are all identical and come with a farmhouse, a well, a job board for earning coins, a fishing pond, and five use-able plots of land to plant crops. It is possible to add animal pens, decorations, and more land plots as you level up to customize your farm to your liking.

The current max level for farming is 30. You gain farming XP by growing crops, gathering animal products, and completing farm jobs.

For a list of the farm jobs, go here.

Location overviewEdit

Farm overall 1

The Farm's Overall look with decoration

The Farm is a grassy plain surrounded by rocky mountains, in a caldera-like style.

Farm fishspot 1

The Beginner's Farm's Fishing Spot

Between the entrance/exit and the farm itself, there's a bridge above a river that connects a small waterfall to the Farm's Fishing Spot. On the opposite side, there's small layers of rocks whom cannot be fully cimbled due to an invisible wall. On the opposite side of the lake, there's Farm Jobs' station.

Ocean FarmEdit

As for v2.3.0, a new expansion/bundle was released for the farm. The expansion/bundle consist in a new farm map (granting more space) and 5 free crops for 555 Gems icon trans.


Farm overall 2

Ocean Farm's Overall look with Chicken Pens

The Ocean Farm is a farm located nearby a semi-sheltered bay. Surrounding the farm, it's large, rocky cliffs with sea stacks. Unlike the small rocky layers in the Beginner's Farm, the cliff can be climbed by using the waterfall.

The entrance/exit resembles a tunnel and it's connected to the farm with a bridge. Besides the right side of the entrace/exit, there's a large waterfall hidden behind the rocks that connects to a small river (to the left side and below the bridge) and a small lake (to the right side and besides the Farm Jobs Station's left side).

Farm fishspot 2

Ocean Farm's Fishing Spot

On the outside, there's a beach with a long dock, and to the right side, the sea extends to another dock. Besides the long dock, there's a saltwater fishing spot.

Creative MechanismEdit

As for v2.3.0, a new mechanism was added. The mechanism serve to give a limit to how many decorations you can have in the Farm, depending on their Creative Points (Ctpoint).


Creative Bar

The limit bar (called Creative Bar) defines how many points you can have in a single Farm. You start off with 15 Ctpoint due to the 5 crops you start with (3x5=15), but, throughout the game, you'll unlock various decorations and pens, all of which have different number of Ctpoint. If you reach the max, you cannot place any more items. Right now, there's no way to upgrade it.

Farm Plots Edit

Farm plots are gained by levelling up your farming experience, to a max of 20. To add farm plots when new ones are unlocked, go to build mode and click on the square where you want to put your new plot. A confirmation message will pop-up, click to confirm and that's it!

As for v2.3.0, crops can be bought for 50 gems and each crop gives 3 Ctpoint and, you gain 5 free crops if you buy the Ocean Farm Bundle.

Farm level Plots Creative Points Ctpoint
1 5 15 Ctpoint
6 8 24 Ctpoint
11 10 30 Ctpoint
16 12 36 Ctpoint
20 15 45 Ctpoint
24 17 51 Ctpoint
30 20 60 Ctpoint


To grow crops, you must purchase the seeds of the crop you want to grow from the store. Then, to plant the seeds, click an empty plot and select the plant. After watering the plant, you must either wait a certain amount of time for the plant to mature or spend gems to harvest immediately. Every plant takes a different amount of time to mature, from a few minutes to several hours. Following its maturation, the plant must be harvested within 12 hours or else it will wither. Spoiled crops are stored in a player's inventory and can be gotten rid of with the use of a composter.

Plant Cost Quantity Time Time icont Level
Dragon Nip 12 (10) 2 plants 2 mins N/A
Elderberry Bush 36


3 harvest - Varies 20 mins N/A
Black Bean 24


3 pods 8 mins 2
Flax 24 (19) 6 flowers 5 mins 2
Corn 36 (29) 3 shucks 10 mins 3
Pepper-mint 36 (29) 3 mint 12 mins 3
Sunflower 60 (40) 12 flowers 12 mins 5
Beetroot/Beet 60 (48) 3 beets 25 mins 5
Tomato 84 (67) 5 tomatoes 30 mins 6
Squash 72 (58) 9 squashes 35 mins 6
Cabbage 120 (96) 6 heads 45 mins 7
Strawberry 84 (67) 10 strawberries 50 mins 7
Pumpkin 96 (77) 6 pumpkins 60 mins (1 hour) 8
White Pumpkin* 12 (10) 6 pumpkins 30 mins ?
Mushroom 96 (77) 6 mushrooms 65 mins (1 hour 5 min) 8
Toothache 156 (125) 3 plants 90 mins (1 hour 30 mins) 10
Carrot 132 (106) 6 carrots 100 mins (1 hour 40 mins) 11
Lavender 72 (58) 6 flowers 2 hours 13
Arctic Poppy Icestorm quest 180 (144) 3 flowers 2 hours 30 mins 15
Arctic Willow Icestorm quest 216 (173) 6 stalks 3 hours 18
Bearberry Icestorm quest 252 (202) 4 bunches 4 hours 21
Arctic Gentian Icestorm quest 288 (230) 6 bunches 6 hours 24

Icestorm quest= Requires the Icestorm Island expansion pack to unlock

*= Holiday exclusive

Cost for members between brakets.


To harvest an animal's product, you must first buy the animal's pen or enclosure (see the Buildings section below). Then, you can buy the animal from the store. To place the animal in its pen, click on the pen and select the button that displays the animal. Feeding the animal involves much of the same process as planting; you must buy that animal's feed, feed the animal by clicking on it and selecting the feed option, and then wait a certain amount of time, unless you wish to speed the process by spending gems.

Animal Cost Feed Cost Quantity Time Time icont Level Appearance
White Sheep 282




1 spool of

white wool

15 minutes 3
Sheep pen

Target Sheep (left) and normal sheep (right); ready to be collected

Black Sheep 282




1 spool of

black wool

15 minutes 3
Brown Chicken 375




3 eggs 24 minutes 4
Chick pen

12 pens of chickens

White Chicken 375




3 eggs 24 minutes 4
Yak 1219




1 bottle of

yak milk

2 hours 13
Yak pen
Beehives 844 (675) 57 (46) 1 honeycomb 1 hour 9
Bee pen
Puffin Icestorm quest 1500




1 puffin feather 4 hours 16
Puffin pen
Arctic Fox Icestorm quest 2063




1 clump of fur 8 hours 22
Artic fox pen
Turtle 8 gems 94


6 Turtle Eggs 3 hours 15
Turtle pen
Turkey* ? gems 7


3 Turkey Feather ? 15
Turkey pen
Bunny* ? gems 7


1 Bunny Fur 30 minutes ?
Rabbit pen
Spider* 8 gems 7


1 Silk 30 minutes ?
Spider pen

Target Sheep are just a different skin of a regular white and black sheep: They eat the same feed, take the same amount of time to grow wool, however, they give 2 spools of wool (from their respective color) instead of one. And, unlike the regular sheeps, you can't buy Target Sheeps.

You will recieve the Target Sheeps from one of Astrid's Racing Quest.

Icestorm quest= Requires the Icestorm Island expansion pack to unlock

*= Holiday exclusive

Cost for members between brakets.

Buildings Edit

Buildings include pens and enclosures that are required in order to keep animals on your farm and two utilities that provide additional functions for your farm.

Building Cost Function Creative Points Ctpoint Level
Sheep Pen 291


Holds 4 sheep 17 Ctpoint 3
Sturdy Sheep Pen 422


Holds 6 sheep 17 Ctpoint 6
Chicken Pen 388


Holds 4 chickens 8 Ctpoint 4
Sturdy Chicken Pen 522


Holds 6 chickens 8 Ctpoint 6
Yak Pen 955


Holds 2 yaks 4 Ctpoint 13
Beehive Tree 767 (614) Holds 3 beehives 9 Ctpoint 9
Puffin Perch Icestorm quest 1550


Holds 3 puffins 4 Ctpoint 16
Arctic Fox Pen Icestorm quest 2132


Holds 4 arctic foxes 6 Ctpoint 22
Turtle Pond 85 gems


Holds 2 turtles 5 Ctpoint 15
Turkey Tree* ? Holds 4 Turkeys 5 Ctpoint ?
Rabbit Hutch* ? Holds 4 Bunnies 6 Ctpoint ?
Spider Web* ? Holds 3 Spiders 4 Ctpoint ?
Old Wrinkly's


350 gems or


Provides farming quests that award Mystery Power-up Boxes 5 Ctpoint N/A
Composter 300 (240) gems

or 3000g*** (2400)

Composts withered


2 Ctpoint N/A

Icestorm quest= Requires the Icestorm Island expansion pack to unlock

*= Holiday Exclusive

**= Requires 10000 UDT points

***= Requires 20000 UDT points

Cost for members between brakets.



The Composer

This item comes in two forms: "Composter" and "Composter UDT". There is no difference between the two besides the name and how each is obtained--they both require the same number of Spoiled Crops to use, both take the same amount of time to compost the crops, and both give the same amount of lug worms. Each use of the composter requires five spoiled crops and yields five lug worm bait after two minutes. The "Composter" can be bought at any time for the cost of 300 gems while the "Composter UDT" can be purchased for three thousand gold, but only after a player has earned at least twenty thousand UDT points.

Composters can also be received from Mystery Farm Chests, including the ones each player receives for free on the fourth day of a five day continuous-log-in cycle.

Old Wrinkly's CauldronEdit


The Old Wrinkly's Cauldron

This item comes in two forms: "Old Wrinkly's Cauldron" and Old Wrinkly's Cauldron UDT". There is no difference between the two besides the name and how each is obtained. The first can be bought at any time for the cost of 350 gems while the latter can be purchased for three thousand gold, but only after a player has earned at least ten thousand UDT points.

Old Wrinkly's Cauldron provides additional farming quests to players, but instead of awarding gold, these quests give out one to three Mystery Power-up Chests.

Starting on or around January 7th, 2016 with the release of Stable Missions and ongoing through the present time, this item is bugged. Exactly how the bug manifests seems to vary from player to player, but in most cases the cauldron can still be used.

Fish TrapEdit

Fish trap

Fish Trap

Fish Trap is a Member-only feature.

-info soon-

Treasure TroveEdit

A large treasure chest that awaits each new Viking when they begin farming, this object sits near the Job Board. The Treasure Trove requires three signatures to open. Once opened, the Treasure Trove awards a player with a variety of basic farming items.


  • 8/8/13, version 2.0: Farming added to School of Dragon. Farms can be visited via profile pages and friends lists.
  • 8/29/13, version, 3.0: Lavender and toothache plants added to farming. Farm animals given feed animations. Top-down camera became available when farming. Top-down camera became available when farming. Art for farm slots updated. Text to show next upgrade level and used/available farm slots added to build mode. Problem with chat not working on farms fixed.
  • 9/12/13, version 4.0: First pass at fixing the infamous Seed Bag Glitch. First pass at a fix for music and sound effects being heard in farm when music and sound settings are turned off.
  • 10/10/13, version 5.0: Harvest Haunt farm decorations released. Trader Johann added to players’ farms.
  • Unknown Date and Unknown Update: Dragons are now able to move around in the Farm without a usage of a glitch.
  • 10/9/16, version 2.2.0: Beet and Squash seed were added to The Store.


From update to update, the Farm is probably the location with the most glitches. And, even after various updates of fixing the various glitches.... the Farm still has a few yet.

Job Board not avaliableEdit

At some occasional moments, the Job Board won't show the jobs after a few entrances to the Farm. This glitch can occur at anytime, which, it will result in reseting the Jobs that were shown (before the glitch happen) into new ones so, if the player was doing a certain job and recieves this glitch, the job they were doing is gone and the player is forced to do a different one.

Flying inside the StablesEdit

The Farm is one of the 2 locations that can be used to fly inside the stables, for more information, see: Flying inside the stables

Unable to moveEdit

Occasionally, when the player enters the Farm, there's a chance of being unable to move around.

There's various ways to resolve this:

  • Click on the Job Board;
  • Click on the Treasure Trove;
  • Click on the Clan Board;
  • Click on Choose you Dragon -please verify this-

Harvesting Yak Milk results in being unable to moveEdit

At some points, when harvesting yak milk, the player will be unable to move. To be able to move again, the player needs to switch to Build Mode and switch again or enter the shop. However, if the game didn't counted the Yak Milk and/or doesn't let you feed the Yak again, leave and return to your farm and, you should have the Yak Milk and be able to feed the Yak again.

Infinite Loading AnimalsEdit

This gltich is a glitch that happens very randomized and, it can be severe when the player has several different animals and/or when the player has a massive amounts of groups of a certain animal.

The glitch will cause the player to be unable harvest the animals, resulting of losing all the items that player could have got but, unfortunately, the glitch didn't let. It usually happens when the animal's timer ends, however, because its randomized, its unknown what causes the glitch to happen and its very hard to predict it.

Noy only that but, there also no solution to resolve this glitch and to retrieve the missing items.

Sometimes, this gltich may happen for a few entrances until it finally stops.

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