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!: "The baby Krayfin wants to stay here with the noxious Dragon Bloom, so that means you need to find a way out of here on your own. You should continue down the path."

1- Follow the tunnel out of here

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!: "Whew! That was a close call. You should continue cautiously."

2- Continue down the path and click on a friend

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!: "It's the same Flame Whipper that you met out in the cenote! She seems to be really interested in you. Perhaps she'll help you find the way out, but you should continue down the path in the meanwhile. "

3- Continue down the path

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!: "It looks like a dead end, but it might be the way out. You should run there as soon as you can!"

4- Run to the geyser room 5- Get to Impossible Island [automatic]

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!: "What a journey! You should tell Phlegma the whole story since she couldn't follow it to its end."

6- Talk to Phlegma about the journey

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Phlegma: "I can't believe that was what waas at the hearth of Impossible Island. I must go there and see this beautiful flower by myself. And... it seems this Flame Whipper stowed away on your journey back.

Valka asked to talk to you whenever you returned from Impossible Island. I'll look after this little one while you see her at Berk. "

7- Talk to Valka at Berk

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Valka: "I finished reading all the hidden Luminous Krayfin entries in the Bork Papers. It seems that the dragon bloom helps accelerate the growth of our Krayfin and helps him grow into a powerful leviathan!"