Eruptodon Island is one of the four locations of Return to Dragon Island, which can be accessed via membership or buying it for 1,250 Gems.

Eruptodon Island is a medium-sized rocky, volcanic island filled with sea stacks surrounding the main land. There's 4 holes on the volcanic mountains.

Eri 2

Side view of both the volcanic mountains' holes and the smooth path

There's a smooth path that, in the end, leads to a small piece of rock hanging above lava (which, in mission exclusive, is where the Eruptodon was), half way, there's a curve that leads to a view of the inside of the volcano that consist in flowing lava, thin columns and flowstones.

Eri 6

The to-be-tamed Eruptodon that the player finds

Ways to AccessEdit

  • Via Teleporter
  • Via Map


  • Eret (mission exclusive)
  • Valka (mission exclusive)

Dragons that live hereEdit


  • This is the only location to have an unique soundtrack that isn't reused;
    • However, it might be reused later on, in future expansions.
Eruptodon Island Theme01:30

Eruptodon Island Theme


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