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Fishlegs: "Oh my gosh, I think Meatlug might be getting sick! She sits around a lot, and she wouldn't even eat her favorite sedimentary rocks. Hiccup tells me I shouldn't worry, but I want to help her any way I can!

I know my dragon would love if I created a large, warm fire for her. Oh, oh -but I don't know what I should use as fuel to keep the fire burning. Can you talk to Heather and find out? Hurry! I'm so worried!"

1- Talk to Heather

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Heather: "I hope Meatlug is okay! Well, let's see if we can help. Let's get started!

Lots of things are flammable and I think there's plenty of things to test in Berk! Let's gather some of the easiest things to find. Fishlegs usually has lots of paper and Gobber uses coal in his smithy. You can find wood and oil in the Wilderness."

2- Gather wood from a tree in Wilderness

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Heather: "Great work! You've gathered some firewood. We usually use this at our campfire, but we have to keep turning the logs to keep the flames going."

3- Collect oil from the Wilderness

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Heather: "Nice, you found some! Burning oil smells a little strange because it constantly releases gas!"

4- Collect paper from Fishlegs in school

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Fishlegs: "Paper? Oh yeah! I have some. We usually don't use it for fire because it burns really fast. It's not worth the trouble but you can try it. I hope it can make my poor baby happy!"

5- Collect coal from Gobber in Berk

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Gobber: "Coal is really important for a blacksmith since we use it to fuel the forge! I've got lots. You can have some!"

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Heather: "Now you're ready to come back to The Lab. Bring the materials you collected, and we'll use the information to form a hypothesis."

6- Choose your hypothesis

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Heather: "Interesting choice! Let's go into The Lab and do our experiment!"

7- Set fire to paper

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Heather: "Based on your results, your hypothesis was proven true. Burning things is fun! Thanks for letting me be part of that. Take what you learned back to Fishlegs!"

8- Talk to Fishlegs

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Fishlegs: "Oh, thank goodness! Now I need to find a place where I can keep things burning for a long time. Thank you so much for your help, [Your Viking name]. Meatlug is going to love it!"