Dragon's Edge or Outpost Island is one of the eight islands of Battle for the Edge expansion pack.

It can be accessed by all players, without the need of the purchase of the expansion or membership.

Modeled after the island featured in the "Dragons: Race to the Edge" series, is the base for the adventures of Hiccup and friends.

Ways of access Edit

  • By clicking on "Dragon's Edge" on the Teleporter
  • By clicking on "Outpost Island (Dragon's Edge Island)" on the World Map
There is no Teleporter in this location, to go somewhere else from there, either use the World map, or fly out to the sea, until the Teleporter menu shows.

Characters present on the Island Edit

Fishing spots Edit

There is one freshwater fishing spot in the small lake on the island, and one saltwater fishing spot along the shore. This latter is famos for its "sand fish".

Gallery Edit

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