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!: "The Groncicle looks hungry. There should be a fishing hole nearby."

1- Find a fishing hole

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!: "Since the arctic is the Groncicle's natural habitat, his main diet probably consists of arctic fish.

One large Arctic Char should do nicely."

2- Feed one Arctic Char to the Groncicle

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!: "The baby Groncicle loves the Arctic Char.

The baby Groncicle is not hungry anymore, but now he looks bored. Give him 1 dragon nip to keep him entertained."

3- Give 1 Dragon Nip to the Groncicle

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!: "The baby Groncicle loves the dragon nip. He's happy and full. It seems Groncicles like dragon nip like most other dragons; he didn't take to it at the School because he wanted to be back in his natural habitat."

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