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Astrid: "Hey [Your Viking's Name], what would you do if our camp was attacked? I think we need to scout out defensible locations and possible attack points! We never know when the Berserkers may show up and cause trouble.

Fly out toward the west, I thought I saw Mildew there? We should investigate."

1- Talk to the person by the house

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Mildew: "I didn't expect to meet Vikings all the way out on this island. Your dragon is here too... I guess you haven't learned your lesson yet."

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Astrid: "So it is you, Mildew. I was hoping I was wrong. We'll keep our dragons away from you as long as you stay away from us. Got it?!
C'mon, [Your Viking's Name], let's go!

Ooh, that guy drives me nuts. He worked against us on Berk for a long time. I'll tell Hiccup that Mildew's on the island. We still have the island to explore! Fly down close to the ocean, go around the coast and keep scanning the island for notable landmarks."

2- Fly along the coast of the island

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Astrid: "This looks like an ancient dock that ships must have used to come and go from the island.

We'll have to explore inside those caves but I don't want to bite off more than we can chew right now. Securing the island borders is hard enough!

We need to keep an eye out in case enemy ships use this place to dock here. Let's look for any other places we'll need to watch for invading troops. Can you look for another place ships could come in for a safe berth?"

3- Find another safe harbor on the island

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Astrid: "If I were sailing to the island, I would stop here with my ship. It's really accessible from the ocean and has some coverage from the weather. We need to keep an eye on this place, too!

We've almost covered the entire island. Let's keep moving around the shore to see if we see any more notable landmarks."

4- Fly along the island coast

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Astrid: "Oh! We're almost back to the group. We've covered the entire island!

Go back to the camp and let Hiccup know what we've uncovered about the island. We'll be ready if we're ever under attack!"

5- Talk to Hiccup back at camp

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Hiccup: "It's wise of Astrid to consider our security. Thank you for surveying the island with her!"