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Mala: "I regret that you came to speak to me in vain. Please, stay and talk to my people. Perhaps they can help you understand the trials of becoming a warrior of the Defenders of the Wing."

1-Talk to the other Defenders

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Defender of the Wing: "Did mala tell you no? You have that look aboout you. It might seem unfair, but I'm sure she has your bet interest in mind.

Mala is fair and will change her mind if given enough reason. I can help out, but tell me, why do you want her help?

Ha ha! I like your spirit. Look, tell Mala this: you deserve a chance to prove your strenght. Perhaps you can show her that you are worthy of tackling Impossible Island!"


The question asked by the defender of the Wing

2-Talk to Mala
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Mala: "What did my warrior tell you?

Maybe you are right. I should not judge your skills before you can demostrate them to me. Perhaps you have what it takes to get through the death traps.

I'll order my ships to head to Impossible Island if you can tell your companion we are ready to go."

3-Talk to the Archaeologist

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Archaeologist: "Ah. E-excuse me ma'am. Did you say-[your Viking's name], did she say 'death traps'? Oh dear. Is it too late for us to change our minds?"

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Mala: "My grandparents used to tell me many incredible tales about Impossible Island, and I am pleased for the chance to see it with my own eyes. My ships and I will meet you there."

4- Return to the ruins at Impossible Island [automatic]

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Mala: "The stories did not do this wonder justice...

The gear is a simple machine comprised of a wheel with teeth. These teeth will slot together with other gears. When one gear is turned, the ones connected to it will turn as well.

You must figure out how to get the device running by placing the cogs in the appropriate order! Climb onto the ship and click on the device to test your skills."

5-Click on the cog on board the ship

First puzzle to solve

Mala icon

Mala: "Well done. You must master these skills to stand a chance inside the cenote.

This next trial is called Contraptions, which will test your ability to use physics to your advantage. An unbalanced force on one side of the ball will start it moving, you must push it with another object to complete the challenge.

Climb aboard the Contraptions ship, click on the device and solve it. "

6- Click on the Contraptions device and solve the puzzle

Second puzzle to solve: Contraptions

Mala icon

Mala: "I may have underestimated you. Perhaps, just perhaps, you might survive the labyrinth of Impossible Island.

Now it's time for the real challenge. Get to the ruins, click on the lock at the gate and arrange the gears."

7- Open the door by clicking on it.

Third puzzle to solve to open the door

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Mala: "It was the right decision to put my faith in you!"

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Our little dragon is quite set on his goal, isn't he? We should be remiss if we do not follow its lead into the unknown. Forward, my friends!"

8- Follow the baby leviathan [it asks you to purchase the expansion to continue]

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Mala: "Stay on your toes. My ancestors will push your abilities to their limit, and you must keep your wits if you wish to survive this trials."