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Phlegma: "I need your help! We feed many people and dragons with our crops but they are starting to die. We've had a scorching hot summer with little rain. When this happens, it's called a drought.
I hope we have some rain coming. Can you fly above Berk and see what type of clouds are floating above us? Get to the roof of Gothi's hut. That will give you a clear view of the sky!"

1- Fly to the roof of Gothi’s hut above Berk

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Phlegma: "I think those are cumulus clouds. They're often referred to as "fair-weather clouds" because they don't necessarily mean that rain is coming. I guess we won't find an easy solution to the drought.
Can you talk to Fishlegs and see if he knows a way to save my plants? We need to find a solution right away!"

2- Talk to Fishlegs

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Fishlegs: "Oh no! That's a major problem. I read that plants need water to grow, along with: light, air, nutrients, and time. Without these things, plants won't flourish.
I don't know what to do. I don't think well under pressure! Um, I guess we can collect water from the lake, but I'm not sure that will be enough.
Let's start with the basics. We'll need something to carry the water. Talk to Bucket by the lake. He'll have extra buckets!"

3- Ask Bucket for an extra bucket

Bucket icon

Bucket: "I really like buckets. It must be the bucket on my noggin that really drives me to collect the little wooden things! You can have this one. I tried wearing it as a shoe, but I normally wear a size 13."

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Fishlegs: "Gross, that bucket smells just like his foot. The stench reaches all the way over here! Can you fill it up with water at the lake in school? You can just wade in to the water to get some."

4- Fill up your bucket at the school lake

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Fishlegs: "That's the way to do it!
You should take the bucket to the Botanist before the water spills."

5- Return to Phlegma at the Lookout

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Phlegma: "Oh man, did you clean your foot with this bucket? It reeks! Still, this stinky water is really going to help. Thank you.
That bucket of water will help until the drought ends, but we might need a bigger solution to our problem. Can you talk to Hiccup about it?"

6- Talk to Hiccup about a solution to the drought

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Hiccup: "You need a way to get a lot of water really quickly? Let's put our heads together for a solution.
I think I've got it! Water's a liquid and changes into different forms depending on its temperature. Clouds are heated water in a vapor form. When the temperature of water drops, it turns to a solid called ice.
I bet your dragon can carry a chunk of ice back to Phlegma! The best place to find a lot of ice is outside the caldera. I see a lot of ice floating in the sea there. Can you fly through the crack in the mountains and look for an iceberg in the water?"

7- Fly outside the caldera to the chunk of ice

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Hiccup: "That is great! If you bring back some ice, you can melt that into its liquid state - water!
Land on the iceberg, hop off your dragon, and pick off a chunk of ice with your axe!"

8- Chop a piece of ice

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Hiccup: "That's great! We're going to solve Phlegma's problem in no time. Thanks for your help [Your Viking's Name]. Take this back to Phlegma and say hi to her for me!"

9- Talk to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "Whoa, that's a lot of ice. I bet if all your classmates helped out, we can water all my crops!
I know! we can melt the ice quickly by shooting fireballs at it. I'll shave off a chunk of ice and place it on a watering device in the greenhouse behind me.
Tap on the ice block, then tap on the button so [Your Dragon's Name] can shoot a fireball! That should be enough to melt it into water."

10- Shoot a fireball on the ice block

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Phlegma: "Great job! We'll have plenty of water for my crops. Thank you for your help. We'll get out of this drought in no time!"

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