You have been challenged!

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Hiccup: "We dragon trainers need to keep our flying skills sharp. we need to constantly practice! You up for the challenge? I have set up three different obstacle courses for you to test your stuff.

Let's start with the Daredevil Drop. You'll show your courage in the face of danger if you conquer this test! Go to Gothi's house in Berk. Her house is the tippy top of the island above the Great Hall."

1- Fly up to Gothi’s house in Berk above the Great Hall

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Hiccup: "The heights might look scary, [your Viking's name], but you can do this!

See the flag at the end of the board? grab it, then fly into a straight dive off the board to collect the rest of the flags.

Good luck! You'll need to pull up at the end of the dive, or you'll be a pancake!"

2- Dive down and collect all 10 flags from Gothi’s house

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Hiccup: "Whoo! Wasn't that amazing? I love making that dive on Toothless! It reminds me of the first time we flew together.

Now you've proven that you and your dragon have the guts to dive off to Gothi's house, let's see if you have the flying endurance to go with it.

Go to the school and collect 20 flags on the outskirts of the school walls! Start at the Landing Circle."

3- Collect 20 flags outside the school walls

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Hiccup: "Whew! That was one marathos of a flight! I fell like I need a nap just from watching!

You're acing these tests with no problems. We just have one more for you for today. This one will help you with your speed maneuvers. Astrid will help you run through the training. Go talk to her now!"

4- Talk to Astrid in the school

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Astrid: "This is one of our favorite drills because Stormfly and I rock at it! I'll give you a hint. If you want to excel at this one, you'll need to be quick and skilled.

I've placed 15 flags around the Wilderness. You'll need to fly past rivers, around trees, and avoid the sharp rocks. Collect the flags as fast as you can! "

5- Collect 15 flags in the Wilderness

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Astrid: "Son of a half troll, that was impressive!

I'm going to have to practice and improve my times, or you might catch up to me! Go back to Hiccup and let me him know how you did."

6- Talk to Hiccup by the Flight Club

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Hiccup: "I'm very impressed at how well you are bonding with [your dragon's name]. I think you have a great potential to be one of the most exciting dragon trainers among us!"