Credits Island (AKA Credits Isle or just Credit Island/Isle) is a very old Easter Egg that School of Dragons has since.

Credits Island is a medium mountainous island, with a large, thin volcano in the middle, surrounded by fog and large gears. When the player enters, the player will be on a small, high grounded Sea Stack, with a wooden board (with 2 Viking stones "holding it"), which is where the Credits are displayed. Both the Gigantic Island and the Small Isle are connected with a wooden bridge.

If the player goes across the bridge, there's going to be an entrance, blocked by wooden planks, with the words "Coming Soon!" written on it.

Ways to AccessEdit

The only was to access it is by going to the Options menu. In the Options menu, you will see there's a small, Salmon-Orange square with an (I) plus "Credits" said below it, that's where you have to click to enter Credits Island.


Where to find the credits button

Cisle 1

Credits Island


  • Since it was discovered, the only thing that was changed in Credits Island was the textures (unknown Date), after that, it was never touched or even modified by any developer.
    • Because of it, it became extremly popular for being both mysterious (due the fact no one knew what it would come) and creepy (due the fact it was never changed, the coming soon was never changed, nothing except for the textures was never changed). Not just that but, the water isn't correctly programmed, because of it, the player can easily get inside the Gear Zone.
    • People also spetulated that Credits Island was hinting at Dragon Island, however, even after Return to Dragon Island Expansion was released, Credits Island still hasn't changed.



School of Dragons - Credits05:56

School of Dragons - Credits

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