Please note that this ISN'T an Official Wikia made by the School of Dragons' Admins and Developers, this is just a fanmade wikia made by people that play the game. There's no interaction between us and the Developers, nor any of SoD' Developers and Admins involved.

If you want to contact the official admins to report any glitches or get general help, go either to:

Please understand that one thing is an Admin/Administrator and another thing is a Developer.

  • Admin is someone that takes care of a forum (in this case, they take care of both the Facebook page and the Forum) but, can't do anything in the game itself;
    • While they do answer users' posts about the glitches happening in their games, it's their duty and priority to answer users with problems, so that they can contact the developers about it but, since the Admins can't touch the games' codes and don't even have that priority, all they can do is hope the glitch is fixed and continue to answer people with problems. They will also check if you did the basics to remove the simple gltiches (like, clear the cache and the browse's cache);
  • Developer is someone that takes care of the programming and coding of the game;
    • When the Admins finished contacting an user with glitches, it's the Developers' duty and priority to take care of the glitch and remove it. However, every glitch that gets fixed, there will be always more so, the Developers will try and make sure that they fix all the severe and problematic gltiches to avoid severe problems and/or corruption.

So, when contacting the Admins, please be ware that the glitch/es will take a while to be fixed and the Admins aren't the ones fixing it, with that said, don't act like they can fix everything (specially in an aggressive way, the best way to speak to them is by being formal, calm and collective; avoid using inappropiate terms).