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Archaeologist: "Oh, you found another clue tablet as well? Fantastic! Please show me. Open your backpack and Click/Tap on the tablet."

1- Open your backpack and look at the ancient tablet

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Archaeologist: "That looks like the glacier!

Let's head over to the glacier. That must be where the next chest is hidden."

2- Visit the location depicted on the tablet

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Archaeologist: "Living here for so long, I'm fairly familiar with glaciers. When enough snow piles up, the weight of the snow on top starts to compress the snow on the bottom and turns the snow into dense ice, forming a glacier.

The ice is so much compressed that it pushes all the air out, changing how the ice scatters light. This causes the glacier to appear blue.

When a chunk of ice breaks off a glacier and falls into the water, it's called an iceberg. Explorers have to watch out for icebergs while sailing arctic seas.

Oh, my apologies! Sometimes I talk too much when I get excited about something. Back to treasure hunting!

Search around on the glacier. It has to be around here somewhere."

3- Find the treasure chest

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Archaeologist: "There it is!

Melting the snow would be faster than digging it out with your hands. Would you mind asking [Your Dragon's Name] to shoot a fireball at it?"

4- Melt the snow to get the treasure chest

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Archaeologist: "Amazing! I don't understand how you do it, but your skill with dragons is certainly impressive.

What...? This treasure chest is empty! Someone has beaten us to it. Maybe look around one more time? We could have missed something."

5- Find out who might have looted the chest

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Archaeologist: "Sheep wool? What is that doing here on the glacier? The only sheep on this island belongs to Mildew...

Oh, I'm afraid that means he has it. Well, I'm sure if you ask him very nicely he'll give it you!"