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Snotlout: "Hey, [Your Viking's Name]. I went fishing this morning and carried a huge catch all the way back to Berk! My biceps are sore...

I accidentally left my dad's favorite fishing rod by the tide pools at the school. Can you go to the tide pools and get it?"

1- Search the Tide Pools at the School

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Snotlout: "What? It's not there?! Oh no... My dad's gonna be so upset!

The tide pools aren't there either? That doesn't make sense! What's going on?!

Ugh, I can't believe I'm saying this but... could you ask Hiccup if he has any ideas?"

2- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "The fishing rod disappeared? Uh oh... Spitelout's not going to like that. High-tide probably came in and lifted the fishing rod off the shore and the low-tide swept it out to the sea.

Oh, I've got it! Ruffnut is good friends with a Scauldron named Scauldy. Maybe she can convince Scauldy to help look for the fishing rod underwater. Go to Berk and talk to her."

3- Talk to Ruffnut

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Ruffnut: "Yeah, Scauldy and I are buds! Scauldrons are Tidal Class dragons and live in the ocean. They know the tides like the back of their claw!

We can find the fishing rod in no time! Just fly out there to the ocean and keep an eye for us. We'll meet you there."

4- Meet Ruffnut and Scauldy out in the ocean

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Ruffnut: "Hey, [Your Viking's Name]! What took you so long?

Looks like the tides took it after all. High-tide and low-tide both happen twice a day. Of course, Snotlout wouldn't know that! The Moon's gravity pulls on our ocean like a magnet. The pull of the Moon is so strong that it makes the water bulge into a high-tide on both sides of the Earth! Crazy, huh?

Scauldy's a master at following the tides! He found the fishing rod and dropped it over there on that sea stack. Go grab it!"

5- Grab the fishing rod

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Ruffnut: "Awesome! Looks like our work here is done. Good job, Scauldy!

Take the fishing rod back to Snotlout, and tell that thick-headed troll to be more careful next time!"

6- Give the fishing rod to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "You found it? You saved my butt! Uh, I mean... Thanks for the help.

Wait, how did it get all the way out to the middle of the ocean? This better not be another one of Tuffnut's pranks. That munge-bucket!

Oh, you think it was th tides? Tap on me and explain it then, but go slow. This science-y stuff is tough!"

7- Click on Snotlout

Tide quiz
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Snotlout: "Oh, that makes total sense. Yeah, I get it now! Hiccup's not the only one with brains out here, you know... Thanks for getting me out of trouble, [Your Viking's Name]. I owe you one, and Jorgensons always pay their debts!"


  • Step 1: The tide pools are now under water, so you won't see them. Follow the arrow to trigger the next dialogue;
  • Step 4: To meet Ruffnut and Scauldy, click to "Explore the sea" on your world map.