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Bucket: "My job is to make sure all of the sheep come back to the pens at the end of the day. I put buckets on their heads to make sure that I have them all. I have an extra one, which means I'm missing a sheep! I've looked all around this place but I can't find him. Can you look for clues to figure out where he could be?"

1- Look for clues

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Bucket: "That looks like my sheep's bite marks! I'd recognize them anywhere.

So, where could the sheep be? Maybe you can follow the eaten bushes for another clue."

2- Look for more clues

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Bucket: "Ah! The droppings are fresh. The sheep must be nearby!

To the Wilderness! We'll find that sheep soon."

3- Go to the Wilderness and look for the sheep

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Bucket: "What is that? It looks like a plant - it has roots that go down into the ground - but it has jaws? How did the sheep get in its mouth?

Well, this is a mystery! Please talk to Phlegma, the Botanist. She'll know how to handle these plants."

4- Talk to the Botanist in the Lookout

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Phlegma: "Interesting. You say it's a giant plant but has an appendage that looks like a mouth? that sounds like a Venus Flytrap! It's a very interesting plant that doesn't usually live within the climate of Berk. Plant seeds can get to new island on the back of an animal, carried through the breeze, or packaged by ship. That must have happened here.

The Venus Flytrap is a really special plant with special appendages. If you understand the parts of a normal plant, you'll be able to understand the Venus Flytrap.

The roots of a plant hold the plant into the soil and takes in nutrients and water needed for growth. The stem holds up and supports the plant. The stem carries the nutrients and water from the roots to the leaves.

The leaves capture sunlight and use it to make food through a process called photosynthesis. Flowers attract pollinators like birds and insects, an are use to make seeds.

Seeds are used to create new plants. The fruits provide a covering for the seeds.

I want to see this with my own eyes. I'll meet you at the Wilderness!"

5- Go back to the sheep in the Wilderness

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Phlegma: "What a beautiful and dangerous plant!

We're facing two problems. A Venus Flytrap doesn't reopen its trap until it digests its food. Also, this plant doesn't belong here. It's an invasive species, and it could ruin the ecosystem here if it is allowed to survive. We've seen this plant on Berk before. We let the plants grow then, and it became a really big problem.

This is not the best solution, but we should save that sheep right now. We'll tryto figure out a better way if this plant problem appears again. You should tell [Your Dragon's Name] to shoot a fireball at it. Let's nip this problem in the bud!"

6- Shoot the Venus Flytrap

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Phlegma: "Now, grab the sheep safely."

7- Grab the sheep

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Phlegma: "We saved the sheep! Give him back to Bucket, [Your Viking's Name]. Hopefully we won't see more of these plants at the island."

8- Give the sheep to Bucket

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Bucket: "You're the best! You never let me down. Now all my sheep are happy and safe!"