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Phlegma: "We have a situation, [your Viking's name]! A lot of the trees have been cut down on the hillside above and behind the Great Hall in Berk over the years. It has loosenes the hard packed soil and the trees roots are no longer there to hold the dirt and soil together.

The next time it rains, the loose dirt is likely to start a landslide over our village and it would cause terrible damage. I don't like to ask the Thornston twins for help, since they goof off so much, but we could use the extra hands and heads. i saw them here in the Lookout a minute ago. Can you speak with Ruffnut?"

1- Talk to Ruffnut at the Lookout

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Ruffnut: "Yugh! She wants Barf and Belch to dig holes for replanting?

That sounds pretty boring. Lucky for you guys I've just come up with the best idea: we carpet bomb the hillside with seeds! The most explosive ideas are always the ones, don't you think?"

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Tuffnut: "I don't know, sis. This whole thing sounds like an elaborate scheme to get us to do work."

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Ruffnut: "You're not in? Fine. I'll unleash the reign of terror with [your Viking's name instead. Can you look for some seeds back at the Greenhouse?"

2- Look for seeds at the Greenhouse

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Phlegma: "Oh Odin! That sounds horrific... but then again it would get it done fast.

There are a few different ways that we can distribute seeds. We could use hand seeding, where you spread the seeds by hand. It's best used when dealing with small plots of land or difficult terrain (like you do at your farm). Also, there's broadcast seeding which distributes seeds over large areas and often involves tools to dig the seeds into the ground.

What Ruffnut is suggesting - in her Thorston kind of way - is aerial seeding -- or, seeding from a flying dragon. We can spread thick, fire-resistant vegetation (these are plants that retain water very well and can stop fires from spreading too far) over large areas.

Ruffnut's plan could work if we can figure out the details. Seed balls are seeds roled in a mixture of clay and compost. It's the perfect protection for the seeds since animals, insects and birds won't be able to eat them.

It'll also provide a good source of nutrients for the plant to grow. Could you find me 3 bags of clay and 3 bags of compost here in the Greenhouse?"

3- Find the 3 bags of compost in the greenhouse

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Phlegma: "Aye! That's the stuff! Now, can you grab the 3 bags of clay?"

4- Gather 3 bags of clay in the Greenhouse

Item Bags of Clay

Bags of Clay

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Phlegma: "Great!

Quickly, now! Give me the clay and the compost and I'll mix them up with my seeds."

5- Give the clay and compost to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "Thanks! Now, I made sure these seed balls are dry so they won't stick together or clump up while you carry them. Here you go."

Item: 6 Bags of Seed Balls

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Phlegma: "We'll imitate how seeds are spread in nature with a little bit of aerial seeding thrown into the bargain. Animals, birds and insects feed on the fruits of plants but the seeds often pass through them intact as the creatures go about their daily, err... pooping.

This allows them to grow far away from their parent plant. This process makes it more likely that the seed survives, even if it needs to pass thorugh dragon dung to do it.

I've brought three dragons here to act as our natural seed spreaders. Feed 2 bags of seed balls to the Deadly Nadder, the Monstrous Nightmare, and Barf & Belch here at the Lookout!"

5- Give 2 bags worth of seed balls to the Deadly Nadder

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Phlegma: "That's the Deadly Nadder. Well done!"

6- Feed 2 bags of seed balls to the Monstrous Nightmare

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Phlegma: "That Monstrous Nightmare will spread the seeds. You've done a fine job!"

7- Feed 2 bags of seed balls to Barf & Belch

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Phlegma: "Barf and Belch look ready to help. Thanks, [your Viking's name]."

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Ruffnut: "Super cool. Let's get this thing started. We'll meet you over at Berk!"

8- Meet Barf & Belch at Berk

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Ruffnut: "Over here, [your Viking's name]!

Mount Barf & Belch and let's do this!"

9- Mount Barf & Belch

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Ruffnut: "Blast the 3 spots on the hillside to plant the seed balls!"

10- Shoot the hillside to plant the seeds (3)

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Ruffnut: "Good shot!

Super cool!

Awww yeah!

That was so much fun. We got to secure the hard packed soil and shoot something at the same time. And to top it off, Phlegma is here with buckets of water so we can splash Fishlegs and Snotlout while they're not looking!"

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Phlegma: "No, that's not the reason. I got here as quickly as I could as soon as I realized you didn't have what you needed to complete job."

Item: 1 Bucket of Water

Item Ruffnut's Bucket

Bucket of Water

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Phlegma: "Don't worry about these dragons accidentally swallowing the seed balls. Any seeds that aren't fired out with the dragon's breath will be naturally passed through the dragon's droppings. I'd rather not watch -that- process.

Sunlight, fertile soil, and water create the perfect environment for seeds to sprout. To give our seeds that final touch you need to water the 3 spots on the hillside."

11- Click on the seeded area and water it

12- Click on the seeds and water them (2)

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Phlegma: "Now we will have excellent green cover and it's far less likely that there will be a landslide. Now that the danger has passed, I'd like to stay here a moment longer and enjoy this glorious sunset."

13- Gather 3 bags of clay in the Greenhouse

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Phlegma: "Great!"

Note: this quest was introduced on October 23th 2016 as part of update 2.3