The Boneknapper is a rare dragon introduced to the game on October 10th, 2014. It can be purchased as an egg from the store for 900 gems (720 gems for members).

The Boneknapper received a new animation on December 4, 2015.


From the School of Dragons Game Guide:

"The Boneknapper is one of the most uncommon and unique dragons living around the Isle of Berk. As its name suggests, it creates its own armor from the bones of other dragons. Without this shell, this creature has been said to be “weak and vulnerable like a big boneless chicken.” Similarly, its protective covering is also essential for it to perform fundamental actions like roaring. Because of this, it will search far and wide for the perfect bone to complete its protective armor.
"Until recently, its existence was considered just a myth because of its rarity. However, similar to many other dragons, the Boneknapper has its own quirky, yet terrifying, behavior. While the Boneknapper is rarely seen around Berk, its appearances are well-known."

For more information on the Boneknapper, click here.

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