Berk Docks is a location whom serves as a place to first introduce new income players to the game and to give them the New Student tutorial quest.

Bdocks 12

General view of the Berk Docks

Berk Docks consists in a rocky coast, with various cliff edges and deformations, and enormous pieces of frozen water (presumedly coming from Drago's Bewilderbeast after his attack on Berk).

Bdocks 14

Close up of the Berk Docks and the frozen water pieces

On the first (upper) layer of cliffs, it contains the entrace/exit to the docks and various pathways whom lead to the entrance/exit. Between the layers' edges, there's a wooden bridge that connects them.

On the second layer, there's a fishing spot to the right side (according to the player's position and spawning); to the center, there's 2 watching towers and, in between them (more to the left side), there's a crane that holds a coded caged dragons. When you complete the tutorial, a World Map appears on the same place but, in the grass instead.

On the last layer, a large docked zone is locatred in the center with a small rocky beach on the right side. On both corners, there's a medium-sized beach.

Bdocks 13

The Docks (with the small rocky beach)

The sea is full of sea stacks and, in two of them, have a large piece of frozen water.

Ways to AccessEdit

  • Via Map
  • First place you're spawned in when you start the game


  • Hiccup and Toothless (Mission Exclusive);
  • Astrid and Stormfly (Mission Exclusive);
  • Snotloud and Hookfang (Mission Exclusive);
  • Fishlegs and Meatlug (Mission Exclusive);
  • Ruffnut & Tuffnut and Barf & Belch (the dragons is Mission Exclusive);
  • Mulch (Mission Exclusive);

Fishing SpotEdit

On the second layer, there's a freshwater fishing spot on the right side.

Bdocks fishspot

The Fishing Spot

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