Aurora 1

The small Ice Isle and the Fishing Spot

Aurora Lights is a special location in Icestorm Island.

It consists in a small ice isle, with a Fishing Spot behind it and, a huge open view of the Aurora Lights. The Auroras are reachable and can be touched.

Aurora 4

Full view of the Auroras

Aurora 6

Groncicle Rider touching the Auroras

The player will visit this location in a mission.

Ways to AccessEdit

The only way to access this location is by flying towards the Aurora Lights in Icestorm Island. If done successfully, you'll get a loading screen and be teleported to a small ice island.

Fishing SpotEdit

Aurora 5

The Gronckle-only Fishing Spot

The fishing spot is saltwater and, it's in the middle of the sea.

This is the second place where you can fish with a Gronckle.


  • If the player looks closely tot he elft side, there's a floating telescope for unknown reasons.

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