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Archaeologist: "Our Krayfin seems very intent on entering this building. Well, we shouldn't keep him waiting! Let's open this door and follow him through. "

1- Examine the door

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Archaeologist: "Locked. Well, the key can't be very far! Let's search the area. "

2- Look for the missing key

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Archaeologist: "Eureka! What did you find?"

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Phlegma: "That's a messenger bag from Berk! What is that doing here? Give it to me and I'll take a look."

3- Give the messenger bag to the Botanist

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Phlegma: ""The dragoon bloom is now safely hidden. If you need to find it, come talk to me. Berk has the key." - Hamish II"

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Archaeologist: "Hamish must have been working with Bork to bring the 'dragon bloom,' whatever that is, here. That makes sense; Hamish the Second was renowned for his labyrinths and strange puzzles. In fact, he used to love statues like this one here..."


Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "Skulder! Are you alright? [Your Viking's name]! Try to get him out. Click on the trap wall and see if we can trigger it to swing again! "

4- Click on the trap door and get Skulder free

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Don't worry; the only thing I bruised was my pride. There doesn't seem to be anything dangerous here. The baby leviathan is looking at me curiously... and I'm in a cage again.

Wonderful. It's my lot in life.

I can't help you in here, but I think I figured out where the key could be. Hamish II only sailed once beyond Berk's borders and his ship sank before it could return home.

In his journals, he wrote that he crashed his ship 'north of the Dragon's Jaws.' The key must be there, at the Ship Graveyard! [Your Viking's name], please, go to Phlegma and figure out how to leave the cenote! "

5- Go to the Botanist

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "Look out!"

[animation - note: have a flying dragon active, or the animation won't work]

! icon

!: "See if the Botanist needs help!"

6- See if the Botanist needs help!

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Phlegma: "We're Vikings; we're made of sterner stuff. I'm going to be fine. More importantly, you've obviously trained your dragon well. Every instinct was telling your dragon to stay out of the cenote, and [your dragon's name] ignored them to help you. You have a wonderful bond. "