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Astrid: "Hey there! Now that you and [Your Dragon's Name] can glide, do you think you can keep up with me? Start with Fireball Frenzy. Stormfly and I are pretty good at these courses. Let's see how you compare."

1- Play Fireball Frenzy

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Astrid: "You and [Your Dragon's Name] are getting really close to my scores! Wow!

Okay, hot stuff! Show me your skills in Flight Club. Head over to the training tower and complete a lesson."

2- Play a level in Flight Club

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Astrid: "Wow, how are you doing this well? I wonder if there's something fishy going on, and it's not just your dragon's breath.

There has to be something you're bad at. Let's see how you and your dragon do at hoarding sheep. Meet me in Berk and the games will begin!"

3- Visit Berk

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Astrid: "I'm glad you came! I would've hated if you chickened out!

There are sheep all over Berk. Stormfly and I collected them earlier, and I bet you can't beat our time. Ready, set, go!"

4- Collect sheep in Berk

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Astrid: "Really? You caught ten already? I have to admit, you're pretty amazing.

You are going to look silly walking around with all those sheep. Please take then to Phlegma, the Botanist!"

5- Take the sheep to Phlegma, the Botanist in Berk

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "I see Astrid has been running you through the gauntlet! Good, good. She's always been a bit of competitive, and the fact that you performed so well will drive her to new heights. Great job."